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We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan

Dr. Scout Cloud Lee joins Darfur Fast for Life

June 30, 2009 By: Admin Category: Survivor Cast

scout-cloud-leeIf you like Will Rogers , you’ll love Scout! When a director of the Smithsonian Institute met Scout on the set of STAR TREK: The New Generation, he exclaimed,…”Young Lady, I would cast your image in bronze and stand it in the Smithsonian to represent ‘The Spirit of the Pioneering Woman in America today!”

Dr. Scout Cloud Lee is a master of “LIVING YOUR DREAMS”. She is a breathtakingly, inspirational, motivational entertainer…a type of

“Moti-Edu-Tainer”. She is a speaker, author, story-teller par excellent, corporate executive and corporate trainer, song-writer, singer, musician, and artist…and she has a story to tell. Scout is a CHEERLEADER FOR THE 21st CENTURY who knows all about “pulling herself up by the bootstraps”. She has survived divorce, bankruptcy, artificial knee and shoulder replacements, terminal cancer, the near loss of her greatest love, and 38 days on the CBS hit show, Survivor. She has now become a Master of Celebration and a stunning feminine model of “LIVING YOUR DREAMS”.

One of her books, THE CIRCLE IS SACRED, openly presents ancient wisdoms and contemporary spirituality as a vital part of RESPIRITING ORGANIZATIONS in the new millennium. A more recent book, SWORN TO FUN: Celebrate Every Little Thing, is a collection of profound TOOLS for Re-creating our life and our world on a daily basis. She has five completed books currently being pitched, the latest of which is a formula for co-creating with God. It is called, THE FORMULA: Playing With God. Scout is a female Will Rogers, presenting her truths in a riveting, yet simple, spell-binding, down-home way.

How we individually participate in the creation of our lives is at the core of Scout’s work, play, and music. Scout walks her talk! She picked up a hammer and built her own hogan-style home, ranch house, cabins, and ceremonial village. She is internationally known for a communication technology known as “THE EXCELLENCE PRINCIPLE”, and corporate trainings called “THE CHALLENGE OF EXCELLENCE” and “TRACKING PEAK PERFORMANCE”. Some of her steady clients include The United States Postal Service, The Federal Aviation Administration, The Department of Transportation, Ford Motor Company, Kimberly-Clark, The Chickasaw Nation, Johnson and Johnson, and The Institute for Management Studies. Her basis of appeal extends from keynoting IBM International and corporate training in Washington, D.C. to writing and performing music globally.

In the last few years, Scout has added her own original “Global Gypsy Rock and Country Funk Music” and cowgirl poetry to her motivational shows. Her music is UP-BEAT and TOE-TAPPIN’…and deeply moving in it’s message. Scout’s latest CD’s, MOUNTAIN MOVIN’ MEDICINE , LOVE MEDICINE, HOME

ON THE RANCH, AND CLOUD 9 are joyful statements of the truth of her “medicine” for the 21st Century. To experience Scout is to come away knowing that “Dreams Really Do Come True”.

Scout is more than an expert on LIVING YOUR DREAMS. She is a person with charisma and that special ability to walk on stage and grab any audience until all you can hear is the sound of the audience breathing. She is a MOTIVATIONAL MASTER with stage presence, courage, charisma, and a moving message for our New Millennium. She is simply spellbinding as she weaves together original stories, songs, challenges to move us all into the middle of our deepest desires. She’s FUN!

Some of Scout’s favorite topics include: Pumped Up and Powerful, Survive and Thrive, Celebrating Differences Differently, The Change That Changes Changing, and The Formula: For Getting What You Really, Really, Really Want. Scout’s fees are on a sliding scale ranging from $1,200 to 5,000 per day, plus expenses.

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  1. You are right Jerry a AMAZING woman! I first met Scout walking down the street in Hollywood with my daughter in my arms, she was 7 weeks old at the time. I was holding her close to my chest as most new parents do, Scout suggested I turn her the other way. She said, ” To often in the world people do that, especially with their daughters..they hold them face down. Turn her the other way and always face her into the world.” I live by that to this day.

  2. She is a phony from the word go. Her books are compilations of other people’s works. Their isn’t an original bone in her body. She hides her worth behind money and attempting to attract attention at all times. She abhors her own company and she creeps me out.