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We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan

Coby Archa’s Journal – Day 3

July 04, 2009 By: Admin Category: Survivor Cast

Independence Day what does that mean? Well obviously it means we are independent but I think for most Americans…it stands for freedom. Not from another country even in our modern heads but from our own country I realize. We can vote, eat and live where we want to. That is the biggest lesson I have learned doing research on Darfur is that the tyrant of President of Sudan, Omar Hassan al-Bashir, has not only been accused of atrocities on to man but that he has cut his own people off from any foreign ad. The country in which he is a figure head and ‘protector’ are the same people he is killing while displacing people that are dependent on that aid…about a million (1.1 million to be exact just in Sudan). One million will starve he doesn’t let someone help.

A million. That brings it all full circle. That is how I got here. We are a group of people who played a game on Tv for a million dollars, more money than most of us can conceive. For every dollar I can imagine I am putting a child, woman or man’s face on it to try and imagine…a million people going hungry in one small area compared to the rest of the world.

Mind bobbling.

Some people have praised this Survivor group and some have thought we were silly…but either way we made some people think. And for that I am grateful.

p.s. As far as the physical side effects this has sucked! Last night was really hard and today I feel very loopy but plan to stick this out til midnight tonight since I started it midnight on Wednesday! I feel so lucky to be able to physically do this and feel lucky again in being chosen to be involved as a pebble.

Once again if anyone with the connections can make it happen I am sure this group would be happy to go to any country and do bigger and better work. It is something I will put my mind too!

Thanks again for all the support and don’t forget about the chain once we are done!


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  1. You will forever be a sunshine of hope to me, your mom, lil’ Janu and anyone that you touch!