Darfur Fast for Life

We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan

Taylor Hanson

Since 1992, Taylor Hanson (26) has been a part of the soul influenced pop rock band HANSON with his two brothers Isaac and Zac.

They burst onto the scene in ’97 with their ubiquitous hit “MMMBop” and their debut album Middle Of  Nowhere, which garnered critical praise, three Grammy nominations and a dynamic global fan base.

Over the past decade the band has released three more full length albums, two of which have been released on their own 3cg Records, setting the band a part as one of the most successful self released artists in history.

Since 2006 Taylor and the band HANSON have been actively involved in advocating for
extreme poverty in Africa, building a grassroots effort with their Take The Walk campaign engaging individuals to host one mile barefoot walks to raise funds for essential needs combating extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS.

The band is set to embark on their Use Your Sole Tour this fall, continuing their one mile
barefoot walks in partnership with TOMS shoes and other respected aid groups providing
shoes, clean water, education and access to medical treatment.

For more information about HANSON and their efforts go to, www.Hanson.net and Takethewalk.net

Hungry For Peace – Day 3

September 24, 2009 By: Admin Category: Taylor Hanson

By the time this posts I will have crossed past the midnight hour where I am (CST), concluding my three day fast for Darfur. So many thoughts have gone through my mind today. I sit here under lamp light in my home office alone and in thought, humbled and quieted. I sit and think; there are so many of us, who have the power to do great things.

Greatness is not about being larger than life, greatness is found in the simple actions, in decisions made that don’t stand out on the front page, the choices we make when no one is watching in order to give us accolades. There is greatness in the people living in Darfur right now at this very moment. Some will eat tonight, many will not. Most are looking directly at a future without any signs of hope.

If you are like me, you can choose to put aside creature comforts for a few days and join a fast, who knows maybe that will be all you do, or maybe it will inspire a revelation in you. Thank you to everyone who has already pledged there actions to this cause, I hope to see that as my fast day concludes many others are beginning.

-Taylor H

www.takethewalk.net twitter – @takethewalk

Hungry For Peace, Day Two

September 22, 2009 By: Admin Category: Taylor Hanson

Day two, Headaches, Loss of concentration. The main thought I have as I go through my second
day of fasting is simple. It’s the feeling that I don’t have control.

Today, I cannot eliminate the hunger I have, I cannot bring focus to my thoughts,
I cannot circumvent the pounding headache….but my loss of control
is temporary.

I think to myself, the same cannot be said for a young mother, or a child
a friend, someone’s companion or caretaker. For them loss of control is a new way of life.

Thank you to everyone who has already responded saying they plan to join the fast and their
kind words. Let’s make it more than words, join FastDarfur.org

Taylor H

Hungry for peace

September 20, 2009 By: Admin Category: Taylor Hanson

This morning when I woke up it was like any other day I spend at home.
I rose from a restful sleep, with my family close by. I got dressed, helped my kids get their breakfast and get suited up for another day of school. I was a bit groggy at 7:30 am following a late night at band rehearsal, but I was not suffering. Ultimately I was at peace.

For the next three days, I am choosing to add a different routine to my day which does not quite fit in. I am taking a small action of ultimate defiance by fasting from food which is so readily available to me. I am doing it in recognition of those in Darfur, who share all the same desires for internal peace of heart and mind, but have no hope of an outward peace for their flesh and blood. I am taking part in the fast today to join myself for a moment, to the thousands who find themselves with very little hope, in fear of starvation, disease, and violence against themselves and their families.

It is easy to think that real change is not possible, it is easy to tell yourself it’s not your problem to concern yourself with the suffering of the many who are thousands of miles from you, with different ideas, and scenarios we cannot possibly understand. We all have those thoughts, but the issues surrounding the tragedies in Darfur are among the greatest our generation has seen, and our ability to effect real change can begin humbly and with a resonance that will prevail. It can begin with the decision to stand in solidarity and in recognition with those who cannot stand for themselves.

Today I am hungry, hungry for peace, for the people of Darfur.

Taylor H