Darfur Fast for Life

We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan

Josh Davis

In 1996 Josh Davis made history by becoming the only man in any sport from any nation at the Atlanta Olympic Games to win 3 gold medals. With a passion for representing our country, Josh returned to the Olympics in Sydney in 2000 where he was elected Captain of the USA Men’s swim Team. He went on to break the American record three times in his event the 200 meter free-style and won two silver medals at the 2000 Sydney Games. After 2 Olympics and 5 medals, Josh has established himself as ambassador for the sport of swimming and is pioneering the road for the next generation of professional swimmers.

A fifth generation San Antonio native, Josh had his start in the San Antonio School Districts. He continued his education at The University of Texas where he was National record holder and champion. In 2004, The University of Texas inducted Josh into The Hall of Honor in recognition of his accomplishments in-and-out of the pool. After spending 13 years in Austin, Josh returned home to San Antonio to give back to the community that gave so much to him. Josh has a passion for young people and desires to see them succeed in school, sport and life. “My goal is to inspire as many San Antonio kids as possible! If even a fraction of the kids that I get to speak to make a decision to pursue excellence in their gifts then this city will be a better place! But my hope is that ever young person realizes that if this San Antonio boy can become one of the best in the world at something then they can too!”

Josh Davis – Day 3 Video

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Josh Davis – Day 2 Video

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Day 1

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Hi, my name is Josh Davis and I was blessed to compete in 2 Olympic Games where I won 5 medals and was elected captain for the USA team. In addition to winning medals, my favorite moments were meeting a few of the thousands of athletes from around two hundred countries. It was amazing seeing people from completely different backgrounds, regions and religions coming together for a common goal. Our common goal is what brought out the best in all of us! We were there to win!

The reason I have chosen to fast is to join Mia Farrow and others around the world who are ready to win a battle for humanity and the Darfuri people! I am grateful for those who have waged this war by taking action by calling their leaders, traveling to Darfur, and reaching out and asking more to join this effort.

I am not so arrogant to think that I was able to win Olympic medals and reach my potential athletically, academically even spiritually on my own. I had a community who came together to create opportunities for me to succeed. They rallied around me and came to my aid. We, too, can do this for the Darfuris.

I have never attempted to weaken my body to accomplish a goal for international awareness. Most of my life has been spent strengthening my body to gain international recognition . This small act of fasting has humbled me.

Honestly, my initial thought this evening was when will this be over! As I clicked on the video of Adam, the father of six in the refugee camp in Chad, I couldn’t help but think that he, too, might be asking when will this be over?

As he looked at me through the computer screen, I wish I could say in two days! However, you and I both know that when I end my fast in two days Adam will still be asking, “When will this be over!”

We must find him an answer! We must stay united! When I travel The United States speaking to young people, I often share this quote:

A human can go 40 days without food…four days without water…four minutes without air…but you cannot last four seconds without hope!

I can make it another two days without food but how much longer will the Darfuris make it if they loose hope? Let’s give them that hope!

Call your leaders!
1-800-GENOCIDE (1-800-436-6243)

Josh Davis takes the fast baton

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Josh Davis – Darfur Fast for Life from fastdarfur on Vimeo.