Darfur Fast for Life

We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan


Husna lives in Camp Oure Cassoni, the northern most Darfur refugee camp in Chad. This camp is, as Mia refers to it, on the edge of the world. Where desolate desert sand has literally taken back 1/3 of the camp and forced already displaced persons to move to the other side of camp. Six year old tents are tattered and torn. Layers of this old canvass, blankets, and sheeting are piled together to cover small structures made of sand and water. Structures that are dried out by the heat and swept away by the wind. Here, on the edge of the world, almost 30,000 Darfurians receive less than enough food.

A population that once sustained themselves by growing produce and fruit, and tending to animals, is forced to depend only on food rations. They are very grateful for the help they have received from aid organizations, but also miss the food they were once able to grow. At Camp Oure Cassoni, where the refugees battle the rough desert elements every day, there is no possibility for growing food. They must rely on their monthly food ration, and many times it doesn’t last the entire month.

Husna receiving monthly rations for her family of 5

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Husna receiving monthly rations for her family of 5