Darfur Fast for Life

We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan

Blake’s Initial Thoughts

May 27, 2009 By: Admin Category: Blake Mycoskie

I have never done a fast and I am certainly dependent on regular meals. 2 weeks ago I agreed to Fast for Darfur when my friend Shannon asked me to keep the fast going from June 1-3rd. I instinctively agreed without really thinking it through, mainly out of my respect for Shannon and how important this effort was in her life. Later on, reading Shannon’s blogs, I realized what a challenge, physically and emotionally this would be and I have been scared ever since.

The situation in Darfur is serious. I do not want my participation to be about me, but a signal to anyone following that I believe this effort to stop the injustice going on is worth disrupting your life for. I want to feel the pain they feel, even if for just a few days, and in only a fraction of what they feel considering I am still free, sleeping in a bed and supported by loved ones. I hope that my experience will change me, and that I will come out of my fast a more aware being. And lastly, it is my plea to anyone reading this to do something, anything in support of ending the genocide and injustice going on in Darfur.

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  1. Nancy Cahill says:

    Fasting IS scary. Thank you, Blake, for saying that publically. We are all afraid of being hungry and feeling weak. When I get hungry and weak, I start shaking. It’s a terrible feeling. Now that we know what the people of Darfur feel every day, we can speak even louder about this abhorrent situation–what man has done to his fellow man–it’s unspeakable, but we MUST speak louder and louder.