Darfur Fast for Life

We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan


For general questions and comments please contact info@fastdarfur.org

For media/press related matters please contact media@fastdarfur.org

Download the DARFUR FAST FOR LIFE Media Alert.

To Join the fast please contact join@fastdarfur.org


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  1. Lynne Wooddell says:

    I am interested in joining the fast and making a statement (as a mother and a sister and a human being) to the world that the starvation and inhumanity in Darfur and other regions is unacceptable.

  2. typo on site:

    Investors Against Genocide for divestmen

  3. Thank you Dave, this has now been fixed.

  4. I would really like to commend Mia Farrow on the great work she is doing on bringing light to the Darfur situation. What is going on is unacceptable and something needs to be done.

    Along with Darfur there are other places with such atrocities happening such as Sri Lanka. Innocent civilians are being killed. We need to bring peace to this nation that has been at war for over 25 years.

  5. Mia Farrow, you have my support.

  6. Deborah Peoples says:


    I will join you in prayer and fasting for the people of Darfur. I am motivated by a dream God gave me the other night, a day before you came out with this announcement. In my dream, I was calling out a name prophetically, Farrow. I did not immediately connect it with your name. However, in the dream a petite woman with blondish shoulder length hair stepped forward. This may sound strange, but it was symbolic. She had a bunch of what appeared to be pills rolled up in bubblewrap.

    I was on the internet the next day when the news highlighted your story. In the story it mentioned that you were taking vitamins and filling up on healthy foods in hopes to survive the fast. I suddenly realized that I was given that dream to pray for you. I had also been contemplating a fast, I did not know for what particular purpose.

    In the dream, the bubblewrap symbolized “protection” and the”vitamins” you were ingesting into your system were symbolic of that protection. The name I was calling out was yours. I appreciate your passion for the people of Darfur. I don’t know what your spiritual beliefs are. All I know is that God wants me to pray and fast with you for this cause. Trust God.


  7. Much as the Nobel Laureate are creating a peace map, ‘ HOPE ISLAND ONE PLATEAU FOUNDATION ‘ would emphasize the need for a Victims Corporation. Focused on the needs of preventing catastrophes. One Plateau refers to all the knowledge gained through our ancestors, realizing they are here with us and we should continue to give them voices. THE WAY TO CREATE THE STRONGEST CHARITABLE CORPORATION NETWORK WHERE PEOPLE PUT THEIR MONEY AND PROFESSIONAL MENTORING EXPERTISE TO INVOLVE AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE STOCK MARKET WITH THE SIZE AND SCOPE AS PROFOUND AS: NASA – OPEC – NATO – BROOKINGS INST. – HERITAGE FOUND. – FEMA – FDA
    RAND – RED CROSS – ARMY CORP OF ENG. – NOAA – EPA, ETC. I have sent letters with this idea in mind to over 300 influential people and companies.

  8. Imagine if all the victims of gun violence, drunk drivers, spousal abuse being so common,
    what does it take for rape and murder victims from the U S to Africa to erase all injustices?

    If I could create a movie it would begin with a giant eraser beginning with guns and bullets, rape and incest, alcohol and vehicles, people making money from others torture.
    I would erase images and contracts, if I were to make a movie I would respire the thoughts of those who have been murdered before their time, I would respire their words
    again through film because every last human that has expired all have gone through the same experience from the dark to the light with many ways to communicate messages.

  9. Renee Scheiner says:

    Genocide is heartbreaking whenever it occurs. I draw your attention to the ongoing genocide in Iraq where over 1,320,110 deaths have occurred as a result of the U.S.’s invasion and continuing occupation. Also, the displacement of Iraq’s citizens is a catastrophe. What should we do as citizens of our country? Who are we to condemn others? How we can help in Darfur when we should be demanding our troops to leave Iraq and Afghanistan. How many more must die in the name of “democracy”?

  10. Renee Scheiner… what a ridiculous comment. There is a huge difference between what is happening in Darfur and what is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq. How dare you call that genocide.. you denigrate the whole idea of genocide by your flagrant misuse of the term.

    As for Darfur… as noble as going on a hunger strike is, it isn’t going to make a damn bit of difference because to eliminate the genocide in Darfur (and all that entails) you would have to eliminate a whole religion, and that isn’t going to happen until that religion moves into the 21st century, and there are far too many who want it to remain in the dark ages.

    Do some reading, Renee… if you really had any empathy- for human rights and womens rights you wouldn’t dare say we should get out of Afghanistan, in particular.

    Very sad!

  11. Derrick L.Coles Sr. says:

    I have written to Mia Farrow, thorugh the info@fastdarfur.org addy regarding my desire to talk directly with her for the purpose of feeding the people of Darfur insted of just talking about it.
    I am tired of those who are always talking about how bad the situation is, because all they do is talk. I mistakenly thought that Mia, had the strength of moral resolve to actually, want to do something , I offered a solution, a way for us to feed the starving of Darfur and finally end this human suffering , but I have not received a reply.
    Perhaps this note may reach the attention of someone in this organization who really wants to do something insted of just talking.

    Derrick L.Coles Sr.
    Dragon Rose

  12. Robin Landix says:

    I’d like to also fast for this cause. I am on medications so my fast will consist of only water & grapefruits. Please send me needed informations to join in on this worthy cause!!!

  13. I feel for the people in Darfur. They are caught in a conflict that is never their choice. Please accept my support with this blog post: Will You Join Her Cause?.


    Mai….How do we know if this fast is not “for such a time as this”….to call peoples everywhere to join in and share in not only the suffering the people of Darfur are enduring but also to share in the Victory as we collectively gathering together in strength and numbers to tell the World that this tragidy has to stop. Pam Faulkner

  15. Hello Pam,

    I have this great idea for helping Darfur, but do not have the technical background in web developement to create the necessary website. PLease email me so that I can talk to you further in how we can help the suffering people of Darfur.
    I know that my idea will reach the many hungry and dying people of the world and Darfur.
    Robert Alvarez

    P.S. I am a board member of the non profit website
    http://www.the melindavasquezfoundation.org

    Pam, please contact me whenever you have time.


    To: Robert…Hi I would like to contact to you. Wat is your email address so we can chat?


    Mia: Thank you for your stand for the past 10 days…I know you are grateful for the support of Mr. Branson stepping in and carrying the torch for the people of Darfur.

  18. Lucy Kelly says:

    Mia Farrow, Richard Branson, and all fasting for Darfur:

    You’re helping to create a consciousness of CARE.

    Thank you,


  19. Paul Yak says:

    I applaud every sensitive person who is fasting for the starving Darfuri’. But the only way for them to stay alive will be to get armed and fight the oppression in their country.

    The UN isn’t interested in protecting them as their country is too poor to make it worth saving (UN’s Views). The UN and other countries powerful enough to change things in a matter of weeks for Darfur aren’t interested either as unlike Iraq/Afghanistan they don’t have oil or $500 billion US per year of HEROIN to barter with.

    So unfortunately the ONLY way for the people of Darfur is to fight for their lives. I TRULY hate wars/death but due to USA, Chines, Russian, UK and Dutch meddling economically/politically in the African continent we NEVER Help Africans. Look at Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. Plus look how we used to treat Idi Amin (Like Royalty) from Uganda, its a crime, that we let millions of Africans die needlessly.

    This is the astounding figure given in Monday’s BBC Newsnight. African dictators have squirrelled away eight hundred billion dollars in Swiss bank accounts and other schemes in case they need pensions after they are booted out of office. (Few African leaders voluntarily leave office). Isn’t that enough to feed the African people????

  20. Pamela,

    this is Robert and I asked for help with creating a website that I have been thinking about since I was in my second year of Law School.

    Please email me so we can talk further. I truly need a skilled web programmer to help me help these dying people.

    Pamela please email me


    replying to Pamela:

    May 8, 2009 at 1:43 pm
    To: Robert…Hi I would like to contact to you. Wat is your email address so we can chat?


  22. I am currently taking a crimes against humanity course and we are able to blog throughout the term. Darfur is an interest of mine and I included this website on my blog. I am glad that people are trying to make a difference.

  23. Patricia Oricht says:

    I am wondering if there is a way for us to make a more organized mass fast? Meaning, would it draw more attention if everyone fasted at the same time for the same amount of days? Maybe even made it more public by doing a sit in during the fast in public places like parks etc…. around the world for many days? something to bring this to the light. Because right now Im feeling like we are all in some hidden cave fasting and no one who isnt involved with this knows about it. Therefore no one is going to care. I feel like people around the world are who can put the most pressure where its needed, but they cant if they arent aware. But maybe Iam wrong and just not seeing the big media blits I think this this needs and deserves in order for the world to wake up to whats happening. I am out here in the world, I meet many people all day long, and believe me very few have heard of Darfur or even know genocide exists anywhere. And most arent receptive when you do tell them because its isnt something they can see, isnt something they hear about every day. Their attention needs to be gotten through this fast. People need to know more about the situation in Darfur and also that there are people going hungry in an effort to stop the madness. I had no clue about what was going on until I read The Translator. Most people are as in the dark as I was.

  24. I do not know where else to send this.But after taking part in a 16 day fast linked with this site…I thought I would try it.
    Please,please let Mia my heart goes out to her.The news of her brother’s (yesterday June 17th)….tragic!
    Pleas e forgive me for thinking and saying…I hope this is in no was a retaliation against her good work.
    Blessings sweet Mia.You are loved so much.

  25. I want to thank James Michael for bringing this problem to my attention. He is a truly compassionate and caring person. He’s inspired a lot of people and brought a lot of awareness to this problem & inspired me to take steps to try and help.

    His fast for 3 days really hit home for a lot of people and made me and them more aware of how lucky we are and how much help this country needs. Thank you James, you’re truly incredible.

  26. The style of writing is very familiar to me. Did you write guest posts for other blogs?
    p.s. Year One is already on the Internet and you can watch it for free.

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    RB lessens the power of the extremes, whether authoritarian, economic or sectarian, except through what they can gain by persuasion, which is only what’s just. While it would be equally useful for all else, RB’s real power is perhaps most clearly shown in the case of potential civil war in Iraq. Unless its Parliament comes to select the Prime Minister by means of RB, it may not hold & the country, region & world will be in danger of going to war over some ancient grudge, oil well, multi-ethnic city, or sabotaged pipeline. While the new constitution does call for the selection of the President by a 2/3 vote (even if only among the parliament & not by the people) in the first round (who then decides who will be asked to form the new government) & then by a run-off between the top two vote getters in the second round, if that fails to move all three tribes to nominate centrists, then the resulting handful of old men in a back room will fall far short of RB’s ultimate retail politics. RB would be equally useful for all electoral systems (parliamentary or presidential, the parliaments by RB from among the members) coops, collective leaderships, tribal groupings, religious confessions, political parties, associations or even cabals. Whoever gets there first wins. (“Jump right ahead in my web”.) For leaders to best represent their whole country (or district) whether chosen at large or by a representative body, they must be the perfect compromise, most exactly in the middle, as is given by RB. Because it gives minorities a real say in which member of the plurality/majority gets chosen, RB is the only thing that will lead Iraqis, or anyone else, to support any plan more than inadequate confederation. It will result in “phantasmagoric subtlefaction”, answering many questions more at a time than the two party system’s “who is least bad”. Both more Liberty & Justice can be found in RB than in any ideology. With brakes & reverse comes no more need to suppress popular movements around the world! RB will give us subtlety, responsivity, lightfootedness, long-sightedness, objectivity, economy, unity, accountability, even integrity & possibly the only way to victory over extremism. Palestinians & Jews could give up fighting over a sliver of desert & become members of global cooperatives, all the various forms of hegemonism would be given up, whether up front, subterranean or unconscious, in exchange for leading the world to the light, & America could finally realize the need for an adequate safety net as the price & foundation of a free market.
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  28. Peace be upon you
    I’m at Wael Suleiman Sa’id Sudanese nationality and the people of Darfur live in a village west of South Darfur and the earthquake wiped out the village of genocide by the government and kill all its people, and I have pictures of this Mapthbt Zmstendlt
    I want to study and live the rest of my life in America Can you help me with this?
    I had the pictures, which wiped out the village and documents to prove it of the displaced camps
    Please help me and I want to ask for political asylum in order to learn and live, please answer the Notify me things required
    And Hkura

  29. this is just the beginning…….

  30. Srilanka: If this isn’t GENOCIDE, WAR CRIME, Then What on Earth is?


    Grisly Photos Reveal Genocide by Sri Lankan Government Against Tamil People


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  31. Srilanka: If this isn’t GENOCIDE, WAR CRIME, Then What on Earth is?


    Grisly Photos Reveal Genocide by Sri Lankan Government Against Tamil People


    Srilankan President “Mass Murderer”, “Rapist”, “Torturer”, “Genocider”, “Ethnic Cleanser”, “Psyco” – “CHEMICAL” “CLUSTER” “ARTILLERY”- Rajapakse



  32. Srilanka: If this isn’t GENOCIDE, WAR CRIME, Then What on Earth is?


    Grisly Photos Reveal Genocide by Sri Lankan Government Against Tamil People


    Srilankan President “Mass Murderer”, “Rapist”, “Torturer”, “Genocider”, “Ethnic Cleanser”, “Psyco” – “CHEMICAL” “CLUSTER” “ARTILLERY”- Rajapakse



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