Darfur Fast for Life

We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan


Join Mia Farrow, Don Cheadle, John Prendergast, Bill Bradbury, Taylor Hanson and others on September 21, 2009 for the International Day of Fasting for Peace and Justice for Sudan.



Contact President Obama today: Call at 202.456.1111, twitter, facebook, email. Tell him the US must:

  • lead a more effective and urgent peace process for Darfur;
  • build an international coalition for strict implementation of the North-South pe ace deal; and
  • implement a policy that creates real consequences* for those who continue to attack civilia ns, block life-saving aid, undermine peace, and obstruct justice.

*Escalating consequences include: implement arms embargo; hard target search and seizure of personal and regime business assets; diplomatic isolation and travel bans; consideration of military options if situation in the South or Darfur deteriorates.


For FAST Participants outside the United States, here are some links to your leaders:

Australia Prime Minister

UK Members of Parliament
If in the UK, contact the Prime Minister, the Foreign Secretary, the Defence Secretary and International Development Secretary or Members of Parliament

Mexico: Email Permanent Mission of Mexico to the United Nations at mexico@un.int (Ambassador Enriqur Berruga)
German Members of Parliament
Italy: Email Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations at
info.italyun@esteri.it (Ambassador Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata
Italians for Darfur Blog

FOR UK RESIDENTS: Take Urgent Action for Suspected War Criminals in the UK – Posted by Aegis Trust

If you’re leaders are not listed here or if you have a suggestion for who to contact in your country, please let us know by emailing info@fastdarfur.org. We will continue to update this contact list.

115 Comments to “Act”

  1. Rabbi Lee Bycel says:

    This is so very important! I applaud Mia’s ongoing committment. I have spent three fast days – on Yom Kippur with Darfuri refugees in Chad. I will join her by fasting for a day this week. We cannot forget about the people of Darfur – they are our brothers and sisters. I hope to return to Chad for Yom Kippur this year.

  2. I’m Kam Kaminske, the founder of Camel Power Now (www.camelpowernow.com), an advocacy group promoting the use of camel’s milk to feed the starving in Third World countries. See my video on http://www.youtube.com and search on G8 Farm Summit Petition+ camel miling stations (or click on video on my site). I sent info on this project to Ms. Farrow’s offices in September, but received no reply.

    CAMELS ARE BOUNTIFUL IN SUDAN, and this is an indigenous resource that can be feeding the starving in this area NOW.

    Please contact me for more info. THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOE ABOUT THIS OPTION IN AFRICA.

    Thank you,

    (Ms.) Kam Kaminske
    Toluca Lake, CA

  3. Michael Rolufs says:

    Keep it up Mia. You have our support and prayers. We’ll call and write our representatives!
    Michael & family

  4. Joanne Saunders says:

    TIME TO WIPE OMARS stupid smile off his face – he has got to go. It is time!!!

  5. Jane from italy says:

    please provide some actions / contacts for those living outside of U.S. (who can we text or email or call..)

  6. Peter Mursak says:

    I urge everyone to make our concerns known to our senators, the White House, and Secretary Clinton. Thank President Obama for appointing a special envoy to the Sudan, but please do not stop there. Humanitarian aid must be reinstated, supported, and funded.

  7. Mia, you inspired this singer/songwriter to write “Don’t Forget Darfur” which is up on my website & free to download, take it everyone. Here is the link & the lyrics, i wrote it & recorded it this morning after seeing you on Larry King last night. God Bless you+ Free download at: http://www.lorimalvey.com/music.html

    Don’t Forget Darfur

    Don’t forget the crying only hides
    The hunger that’s inside

    If you watched your daughter
    get shriveled up with with fear
    If you watched your young son
    cry out for just one meal
    How would you feel?

    We’d all like to think that they can handle it
    But they are just children
    Would yours be up to it?
    How would you feel?
    How would you feel…

    Don’t forget the crying only hides
    The hunger that’s inside
    Don’t forget the crying only hides
    The hunger that’s inside

    Another year passes
    And still the people cry
    Darfur is your chance
    To act & stop the lie
    We all must deal

    They stopped getting water
    They stopped getting food
    There is no more time
    Time ran out—who’s the fool?
    We’ve got to deal now
    We’ve got to deal now

    Don’t forget the crying only hides
    The hunger that’s inside
    Don’t forget the crying only hides
    The hunger that’s inside
    Don’t forget
    Don’t forget

  8. Susan Roe says:

    Thank you Mia Farrow for raising the awareness through your name and the power you possess as this is what life is about. We live to give and to make life better. What is going on in Darfur is not human and we must work together to stop the genocide, particularily against our young girls and women. It is 2009 and these barbaric tactics must stop. I commend you for your efforts and am proud to fast and be a part of this cause. Time to get off the cell phones and look into another’s eyes as that tells the story.
    Sixteen agencies/programs are being taken away – we must stop al-Bashir’s from doing this as the people will suffer even more. I am sending love and prayers to the Sudanese.

  9. Kathy Duason says:

    I’m beginning my fast tomorrow. I checked with my doctor about how it might effect my diabetis. She advised me to check my blood sugar levels throughout the day so that they don’t get too low. If that happens I was told to drink a 1/4 cup of orange or apple juice.
    I asked her if she would consider joining us. I didn’t get a response but, I believe that if you plant a seed it will grow. Perhaps she won’t fast but I hope she’ll mention it to friends, family co-workers.
    I’m nervous about this only because I am diabetic. Now I realize that if I were living in Darfur I wouldn’t have a choice. I think the world of all you people who are doing this with me. I also hope that I can go for more than one day. God Bless You All!!

  10. Kathy Duason says:

    I’ve fasted for two days now. I did needed to raise my blood sugar levels by sipping some juice throughout the day yesterday. Last night I was nervous to fall asleep with low blood sugar levels so I drank 2 glasses of juice.. throughout the night.
    Today it has been harder for me. I felt a little disoriented so I think I need to switch to a water and juice fast. Vegetable juice seems like a good idea. I never realized how loud my protesting stomach could be! I can’t imagine how people who have no choice can live like this… God bless them.
    I hope not to disappoint any of my fellow-fasters but I’m ok, now.
    I’m heading for my bed to pray and read.
    I pray for all of you people and most of all for the dying souls in Darfur.
    I feel like I’m doing something important in life… I wish I could do more.

  11. I will be calling tommorow.

    God Bless Mia, This is a very powerful message you are sending.

  12. Thank you for this much needed effort.

  13. Rebecca Cohan says:

    “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value. I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress and grow”

    I am training for a marathon and raising money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. My coach said this quote to my team after running 15 miles, when we thought it was impossible and everyone was losing hope. I believe everything that this quote stands for and what all of you are doing is absolutely amazing. I have sent an e-mail to the President and to Senator Boxer. I feel in my heart that what is happening in darfur is of great importance! Thank you for opening my eyes to everything!

  14. Dimitar - Bulgaria says:

    If possible, please make DONATION Functionality – where everyone can donate some money for Darfur via CreditCard. Or make smth like a vote functionality in this website – where people can vote for helping Darfur. People there die, let’s make some stronger action to help them please

  15. Deborah says:

    I have sent an email to President Obama and will be sending one to Gordon Brown. After watching Hotel Rwanda and the shame I felt for not knowing what went on at that time, made me be more observant of current issues and that fact we all need to put pressure on governments world wide to stop this (words fail) happening. Mia Farrow is an inspiration and thankyou for bringing this to our attention and I most certainly will continue to support and until this is resolved.

  16. Lauren says:

    I am fasting, water only, for 7 days.

  17. Dear Mia,
    Happy Mother’s Day. It’s truly a pity that so many mothers in Darfur will go without food or recognition on this special day. I will start my fast for Darfur tomorrow. For anyone reding this post who has not fasted before, you will be amazed by how well you’ll feel cleansing yourself both physically and spiritually. God Bless You Mia Farrow for opening your heart and mind to the world. PS Tell Paulie, Prudie and Al hello from an old friend in Seagrove.
    Connie in STL.

  18. Saundra Bailey says:

    I am trying to join in the fast, and I’ve been paying aol for years, but the site will not let me on.,….??

  19. Tonya Ringle says:

    Today was my first day of fasting. Not too bad so far. Whenever I get hungry I think of the poor people in the Sudan who are feeling the same way that I am, but don’t have a pantry full of food. Doing this, my heart hurts more than my stomach and I forget about wanting to eat.

  20. Tonya Ringle says:

    2nd full day of my fast is coming to a close. Much tougher today than yesterday. As a school teacher, I am horrified to think of all of the children having hunger pains like these (only much much worse) for days or weeks.

    I pray daily that real action will be taken to help those poor people!

  21. Sarah Gormady says:

    Fast for action

  22. At this moment, I am in my 20th hour of water only fasting… I will continue until I reach my 24 hour goal. I hope that others who are fasting will help me spread the word and raise awareness for this cause.

  23. I fasted last Thursday. My friend told me he was supporting a child for $15 a month. If you do that for Darfur I’d love to fast more and donate money.
    Darfur people are in my prayers!

    All my love, Ally

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  111. The crisis in Darfur will only be ended when we have leadirshep in place that shares our commitment to ending it. We must make our voices heard by voting for the candidates we believe share our beliefs, and who has the backbone to follow their principles. Get out there and vote!! Send letters to your representatives, local, state, and national, don’t just put it on the executive’s shoulders. The pressure from us, here at the grassroots level, will push upward to the top if we do!

  112. A 24-page guide to political fasting was produced in 1980 giving a brief history of political fasting, how fasts should be conducted, and how to organize for a political fast.


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