Darfur Fast for Life

We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan


There are 2 fasting options: water only, and refugee rations (see below) that mirrors the rations people get in the refugee camps that we have observed. To join Darfur Fast for Life for one day or more, please fill out the form below:

Please be sure to check with your doctor, if you intend on doing any extended form of fasting.

To join Darfur Fast for Life for one day or more, send an e-mail to join@fastdarfur.org with your name, date(s) fasting, hometown, and type of fasting you will participate in (water only or refugee rations). If you left a comment on this site please also email join@fastdarfur.org, as we might overlook your comment. Please be sure to check with your doctor, if you intend on doing any extended form of fasting.

Water only fastadef-w-peas

In this fast only water is consumed.

Refugee rations fast

Cracked Wheat – Daily, 7 oz. (weight not volume) (686 Calories)
Farina Wheat Cereal – Daily – 1.17 oz (weight not volume) (123 Calories)
Yellow Split Peas – Daily 1/6 Cup (82 Calories)
Oil – Daily 2.4 TSPNs (96 Calories)
Sugar – Daily 2 TSPNs (30 Calories)
Salt – Daily 1/10 Teaspoon per day.

Total of 1,017 Calories

345 Comments to “Join”

  1. I will fast for 10 days in solidarity with our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters in Darfur. Peace in Sudan for good!!!

  2. Cynthia Webb says:

    I will fast for one day (water only) as a beginning, in solidarity with those in Darfur.

  3. April 27 / Jim Fussell / Arlington, Virginia / Water Only

    I will take water only on Mondays: April 27, May 4, May 11, May 18 . . .
    I will begin trying a refugee rations fast on other days.
    I will be holding in the Light – all fasters and the people of Sudan – every Day.


  4. I will fast one day in solidarity, called “water only”.

  5. lyla peterson says:

    I will fast one day beverages only April 29 and keep those dear people in prayer throughout the day and try to pray for them every day

  6. Edrie Irvine says:

    I will begin a 3-day a week water fast on April 26 through the end of May, and share my small story with others so that more people will recognize the need to stand up for the millions in Darfur we are leaving without protection and sustenance.

  7. Jessica Saiz says:

    I will fast two days a week water-only in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Darfur, and will pray for them every day. I will do this to remember what they are facing every single day while we are here with an abundance of all that we need. God Bless all of them.

  8. I will fast on Sundays and Wednesdays in solidarity with those in Darfur and those who experience oppression and hunger everyday throughout the world. I will continue to pray for justice and that one day we will understand our common humanity, interconnectedness, and need to care for one another. May we learn that love is a verb.

  9. Ally Antonini says:

    i will consume only water for the day of April 28th.

  10. I’d like to fast in solidarity by consuming only refugee rations each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from April 27-May 3.

  11. Jaymie J says:

    I will fast every Monday starting April 27th and ending May 25th.

  12. Deeply moved by and grateful for the comments and commitments above – truly wonderful. Thank you for doing the fast and for sharing our mission with your friends and family.

  13. I will fast water only for 21 days. My work in Rwanda makes this doable and understandable. I’ll also be blogging and sending people to this site.


  14. Grace Miller says:

    I will water-only fast for at least one day, starting Monday April 27.
    If I can, I will continue this until May 8 and resume May 10.

  15. Tammy Pendleton says:

    I will fast one day a week on water only starting April 27. My heart goes out to all those suffering in Darfur.

  16. Kayla Ciccotti says:

    My friend Sam and I are going to fast (water only) for 24 hours starting tomarrow at seven am. This will give us yet another opportunity to educate our High School about the current crisis in Darfur. Additionally, we are members of “The Summer Institute for Human Rights and Genocide Studies” and are encouraging our fellow members of fifty+ high school students to join us in continuing to educate our schools about the genocide occuring in Darfur. Thank you for the inspiration to continue standing up to genocide, and making “never again” a true statement. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi.
    God Bless, Kayla Ciccotti.

  17. I will fast for as long as I possibly can.My heart is asking”We need your help god,where are you?”

  18. Lynne MacNeal says:

    Iwill fast for the next three days starting April 28,at 7am

  19. Lynne MacNeal says:

    I will fas for three days water only, starting April 28, 7am

  20. I join you in solidarity on a water fast for as long as I am able. I keep in my heart those I have met on the Chad-Darfur border and I will meditate daily for peace in Darfur.

  21. I will fast (liquid only) for the next four days, standing in solidarity with the people of Darfur, continuing to pray for peace & healing…holding on to hope that as human beings we will one day learn to love one another and cherish life, not only that of our own, but all life. I commend all those who have and will join this effort.

  22. Veronica Young says:

    Bless you Ms Farrow. My heart goes out to all the souls suffering in Darfur. I will fast , Liquid only… as long as my body allows. This is the least I can do. We can not stand by an let this continue. We MUST HELP our fellow man ASAP.

  23. lessings & Shalom Mia!!! Kudos to you!
    I will fast for 16 days(started today)…alternating between only water one day and rations the next.I am not a stranger to fasting and I will take the daily recommended dose of potassium to prevent kindey and heart issues.

  24. Ingrid Nudelman says:

    Mia, I have deep respect for what you are doing. Let us come together and help our brothers and sisters, the little ones, so innocent and no choice. We must bring an end to the genocide, it has gone on much too long. There is absolutely no excuse for this to still go on and we are not helping.
    I will fast, water only, as long as I can. WE ARE ONE…..

  25. I will fast (“water only”) for one day a week every Tuesday.

  26. Krystal Walker says:

    i just joined the fast water only starting may4th thru may 14th and next fast may 16th thru may 26th 20 days in total it may seem a bit excessive but in comparrison the the people of darfur 20 days of nothing but water is nothing but it will be very meaningful to me i thank god for mia farrow.

  27. Funmi Esuruoso says:

    I am ready to fast for people less fortunate for me. I am a Nigerian, West African native and would want people less fortunate than me to help me. So for what you started Mia Farrow, I respect and thank you for and would be honored to join.

  28. Thank you, everyone. It is so inspiring to see this response. It is so great to see a community come together and becoming one with another community that is half-way around the world.

  29. I will fast for the people of Darfur, water only starting Wed. the 27th.

    You see the people of Darfur have nothing the the US wants. That is why they are left without hope.

    Thank you for making all persons aware of the plight.

  30. Peter Mursak says:

    In solidarity with my brothers and sisters and all God’s creatures, I begin my water-only fast today for five days, perhaps longer. We must put an end to this horror!

  31. M|y husband, who died a few months ago, was passionate about the plight of Darfur and he used it as a theme for his Contemporary Fine Art Foundation Degree , last year, to try and make people aware of the abject poverty and hunger. One of his paintings was displayed by his coffin at his funeral and many people asked me what it was all about..how did they not know?! He would have been thrilled to see what Mia is achieving. Well done everyone who cares enough to join.

  32. it saddens me to see how some people die and suffer due to unavailability of basic necessities in contrast to the people who accumulate so much they could probably feed a village.. I start my water-only fast on 1st may for as long as my body allows me too.. luv and support..

  33. Mia Farrow, you are doing a noble deed from a heart of LOVE. I hope this inspires millions of people to join and show world leaders that we are watching THEM to see if all their ‘holy’ G20 speeches of commitment to the poor and marginalized of the developing world are truthful, or just hot air.
    Fasting is not new to me, but fasting for a cause is. I will join you by devoting the prayers in my weekly fast day Wednesdays to my brothers and sisters in Darfur.

  34. Dear Mia,
    I have a feeling God is working through you. Bless your soul. I am joining you in your fast from April 29 for the next 42 days. There is a book by Paul C. Bragg called The Miracle of Fasting, and I want to believe our fasting will somehow bring a Miracle of Piece in Darfur.

  35. When was the last time someone did something in this country that was NOT for their own benefit? I will fast because this has reminded me that the strong have a responsibility to stand up for the weak and disadvantaged.

  36. David Brown says:

    Mia, congratulations on your brave initiative. If everyone who cared about Darfur joined you even for a day, what a statement that would make. I will join the fast on water only tomorrow and from 5-8 May.

  37. Beverly McPherson says:

    I will fast 2 days a week, water only, for these people who cry for our help.

  38. Scott Casey says:

    I started my fast at midnight and I will give a solid 48 hours. I then will check with my doctor on what he thinks I need to do to prepare for a longer fast. I shall hit all of my social networks and try to get the word out so our men and women in power might see the outcry and act to stop the senseless genocide that is occurring this very second in Darfur.

  39. god bless you mia

  40. Rasheedah Ahmad says:

    I will conduct a Water Only fast in solidarity with all people of conscious. The inhumanity of the situation in Dafur and in other parts in Africa call for it. I feel gratitude towards Mia for bringing attention to this deplorable situation. I have been involved with water fasts since I was in my 20’s. I am now in my 50s. I started fasting in the 70s for different causes. I was inspired by the work of Dick Gregory and used his book in those days and have pretty much stuck to it using – distilled (or spring water) with honey and lemon. When using that formula I found that I could fast for an indefinite period of time (I have no particular medical limitations) as long as I stay hydrated. I will fast for two weeks on water only and then I will have to stop after that. Peace and blessings to all of you, to Mia and to the people in Dafur. I pray that our sacrafice acts as the catalyst for positive change.

  41. Salih Hassan says:

    I’m ready to fast 10 years for Darfur

    god bless you

  42. Godd Work Mia….Hopefully everybody opens their eyes to support people in Darfur.For god sake they are human bengs and it’s so frustating that inspite of we being gifted so much we can’t do much to save lives

  43. I will join the fast on water only today. Our ability to achieve is shaped by our environment.

  44. Shaye Kennen says:

    I will join the fast on liquids only today. I will continue for as long as I can… Bless all of you. Other countries turned their heads when the Holocaust took place. We must learn from history. We cannot let this happen again!

  45. Christine Light says:

    I will fast for April 29th, Water only. I will pray that President Obama will take immediate action to intervene on behalf of Darfur and facilitate world support to terminate this unacceptable holocaust. I will pray for the awakening hearts of good people everywhere to realize that torture anywhere threatens life everywhere and we are all linked in spirit to take right action. Apathy is no longer acceptable. I will pray that the world will , in one voice, arise and say,”NO MORE!” These people deserve to live!

  46. Diana Stackhouse says:

    I will join you in your fast for as long as I can. And I will only take liquids today. Bless you and be strong.

  47. Jan Marie Rasmussen says:

    Mia! Mia! Mia! I sing your song of food flowing to the children, women, and men of Darfur.
    I would like to challange our now very media driven president to a one day fast declaration. How about shut down the WHITE HOUSE KITCHEN for a day of solidarity.
    We AMERICANS, stay out of the FAST FOOD-DRIVE THRU lines for a day, or a week.
    Isn’t that fasting?
    Hold your neighbors hand, or your friends hand, picture yourself holding hands with a young baby child dying at your side, because of no food or water for 30 days or more.
    MIA! MIA! MIA!
    I will sing your song!

  48. Peter Mursak says:

    I am now well into my second day of fasting. Every passing hour I contemplate all those who are suffering, every hour I become closer to the plight of our brothers and sisters and become more determined to do all I can to bring this outrage to an end. The death of one is the death of us all.

  49. Melanie Hodges says:

    Mia, I hope you are finding your strength. I am now into 40 hours with just water. I have gone through chills. Last night I didn’t know if I was going to make it. I thought that I might break down so I got on your website and listened to your videos and for me this is the most important thing that I have ever done in my entire life. It has connected my mind, my body and my spirit to people in Darfur. My heart cries but my soul prays.

    May God be with all of the people in Darfur and all over the world that do not have a choice.

    Melanie Hodges, Pullman, WA

  50. Irena Witelus, Bridgeport, CT says:

    I can not find words good enough to express my grattitude to Mia for standing firm for the hungry and dying people in Chad and Sudan.
    Finally Someone with big and sensitive heart have stood up for them.

    Thank You Mia.

    We must do everything what is possible to help them and to stop the extremely difficult situation.
    They are human beings like we are. And they are dying of deprivation of nutrition!

    For humankind to survive on this beautiful planet is to wake up the awareness of Life’s meaning and conscience of every single one.

    I started my private, water only fast on Monday, May 27/09 being completly unaware of Mia’s movement.
    But since I have seen her on CNN my heart started to sing.

    I’ve got involved with Feed The Children organization since last year and Africans well being is very close to my heart.
    Helping them is the only right thing to do.

    I would like to help even more, getting involved deepper.
    Mia, if I can be useful for you, I am here, in Connecticut.

    Good bless Them and Us.

    Irena Witelus, Bridgeport, CT

  51. Tracey Jones says:

    Stay Strong, Mia! May your “one” voice turn into millions!

  52. Melanie Hodges says:

    Mia we can do this it,s the right thing to do. Melanie

  53. Dear Mia

    We very much appreciate your tireless efforts to bring an end to the suffering in Darfur, form the countless trips you made to the region to fasting for 21 days you always inspired many people to be the voice and act to end genocide in Darfur.
    We stand in solidarity with you in fating, speaking out loud and remembering many of the family and friends we lost and hoping to save the once’s we left behind.

    thank you

    Bushara Dosa

  54. Peter Mursak says:

    Now into day three of water only. Feeling a bit weak, headachy, but the fight goes on. The weakness episodes seemingly come in waves throughout the day, but they do not last too long. Just thinking about what is going on in Darfur gives me the needed strength to carry on. Continue the fight!

  55. Courtney Gildersleeve says:

    Greetings and thoughts to all involved in the fast, and most especially thoughts and prayers to the people of Darfur. I signed up to do the “water only” fast for most of the Mondays and Fridays of these next few weeks. I have decided, however, to change my fast to only Mondays, because I realized that in the position I am personally in, I can actually do more good when I have more energy. I do not wish to disappoint anyone, and I take the commitment to fast very seriously; I am inspired by all of you who are committed to fasting on a more long-term basis. It is a huge political act, and very difficult to do. For myself, I realized that a one-day-a-week-fast is the best that I can do right now at a moment of many expectations. (I know this is not a choice that the people of Darfur have…and this is the core problem…) While I am certainly in a position of privilege, then, I wish to make the most of this position to do whatever I can about Darfur. I am a graduate instructor and I teach a course called “Reading History,” and right now my students and I are working on questions of genocide; we have studied in detail the Armenian Genocide, we have touched on the Cambodian and Rwandan genocides, and we are going to talk about Darfur and Darfur activism next week. We have done our best to remember that these are not just “mere chapters” in history, but that what is at stake in these situations are REAL PEOPLE with real lives. I want to emphasize that more next week, and I think that by talking about the fast and showing them how to call the 1-800-GENOCIDE line, this will become clearer. Next week is the last week of classes, and I want to leave the students with the case of Darfur and with a discussion of community, and of the value of ALL lives…I want my students to leave this history course actually thinking about and engaged in the present–thinking about the importance of ACTING in the present. And specifically, about responding to the present situation of the people of Darfur…This is what I have to offer the movement. I send thoughts of friendship to each of you, in humility for the kinds of commitments YOU are making to this effort. I hope that all of our efforts will help to change the way the world is responding–or not–to the lives of the people of Darfur. To the governments of the world: Let Darfur live!

  56. Peter Mursak says:

    I ended my five day water only fast two hours ago. Taking some tomato soup and a few crackers was my meal since last Monday night. I have decided, following a few days of recovery, I will continue fasting at least once a a week until this tragedy comes to an end.

    Together we can accomplish great things.

  57. Blessings and good karma to those participating! May our voices be heard and may the madness, pain, and sadness end!

  58. Lillian Stuart says:

    God bless everyone who is doing this. I thinks it’s really worthwhile and a little thing that everyone can do, but has a great impact when put together. I’m starting my water only fast for two days tomorrow

  59. Tigist Tedla says:

    I need to support the people of Darfur by Fasting for three nights with out water.
    I hopeOmar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir will come to his senses and respect the Human Rights of the people of darfur.

  60. Thank you everyone….I just found out about this…and I have to say…I have been oblivious…due to my teaching schedule…but students in my classroom were fund-raising and I finally got it…China’s part in all this..our lack of movement…the U.N. usual incompetence… Thank you, thank you for your fasting and concern. I also just sent two Cookers to help a family in the camps. I’m so sorry…and will do what I can to change the tragedy. I will boycott all Chinese goods..that’s right…I live very simply…and it is possible to do that. I will have very little…but so do the people of Darfur. Blessings, Connie

  61. Joanne Pollack says:

    Hood River Valley High School S.T.A.N.D supports Mia and all others who are fasting for Darfur. Our club will join with other Oregonians on Wednesday for a day of fasting, some will continue for the rest of the year. We will be doing the refugee fast so students can see what people survive on in the camps. Our club has worked since 2006 to help with the humanitiarian efforts. We sent a tent to Chad as part of the Tents of Hope. I think you all are doing great work. STAND Hood River is proud to join your efforts.

  62. Rose S says:

    One can make a difference…many can create a change. Blessings for the well-being of all in Darfur and peace to all the victims that have suffered so terribly. My prayers go out to you.

  63. MorningStar70 says:

    On March 4, President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan became the first sitting head of state to be indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court.

    The indictment of al-Bashir now seems utterly irresponsible and immoral. The current impasse may take months or years to resolve. It now seems much less likely that the South will acquiesce to hand over resources to allow the South to become a viable state — assuming the 2011 referendum leads to independence.

    May Gd bless you all and may justice come to the aid of the Darfuris.

  64. MorningStar70 says:


    It now seems much less likely that the North will acquiesce to hand over resources necessary for the South to become a viable state.

  65. Peter Mursak says:

    Last week I completed a five-day-water-only fast. Today I begin once again.

    Please contact your representative, senator, and call the White House. This madness must end.

  66. im striking liquids only!!!

  67. GKLuehrs says:

    HOW CAN I JOIN YOU FOR FASTING? IN NEW YORK?you have some darfurian citizens in new jersey? Do you know if any org works for them in New Jersey?

  68. I am starting my water fast only tomorrow May 7, 2009. I will be fasting on Thursdays, and Mondays.

    May we all make a difference to help the innocent victims in Darfur. Thank you Mia Farrow, you inspire me!

  69. This morning while I was making food for our 2 dogs and 2 cats: brown rice, black beans, broccoli, olive oil, animal vitamins and brewers yeast, it stuck me forcefully that this is much better that what the people of Darfur have had. How can there be anyone for whom our brothers’ and sisters’ welfare is not the most important thing? How is it we are so selfish?

    The other thought I had was that their food looked and smelled delicious, since this was a very hungry morning.

    Around 17-18 years ago I began a 6-day a week juice fast for the end of famine, and did this for 2 1/2 years, and then different types of fasts for another 2-3 years. Difficulties in life had me drift off with only intermittent fasts, and that didn’t feel good. It feels so right now to be back to commitment and fasting again.

    I am so moved with Love for Mia and everyone here who is fasting with such Love for others.


  70. To all of you whom are so committed to DARFUR FAST FOR LIFE including Sir Richard Branson and Mia Farrow, I commend you all and I stand with you to do a WATER ONLY FAST for 3 DAYS NEXT WEEK!

    May God Bless you all and May God Bless the people of DARFUR and CONGO and elsewhere around the world where their governements and wars continue to inflict genocide, torture, rape, destruction, and hunger on them.


    Bellinda Myrick-Barnett
    MY SPACE – http://www.myspace.com/bellindamyrickbarnett
    FACEBOOK – Bellinda Myrick-Barnett
    TWITTER – @bellindamyrick

  71. My wife, Shirley, and I are fasting one day a week, in solidarity with the people of Darfur, and in memory of our daughter, Suzanne. We have been joined by a dozen others from Redding’s Genocide No More–Save Darfur. We have been inspired by Mia Farrow and pray that she will return to good health quickly. In honor of her and the opening of “Exhibit Darfur,” which features the photography of Mia, Brian Steidle, and four other artists, we will try to double our number on Tuesday, May 19, the opening date of the show in the Redding, California City Hall. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the men, women, and children of Darfur and with all of those who have joined in this fast!

  72. Anne Cornel says:

    I am from the Philippines and working in Hongkong…. it made me cry reading about Darfur cos to be honest this is my first time to hear about it ..thanks Ms. Mia Farrow for the enlightment….I hope more and more people open thier eyes and hearts about this matter.. I am going to fast starting on Monday for just tea and water thru Thursday…

  73. Maria del Mar Montes de Oca says:

    I will join to all of you starting one day without water May 11, In my country Mexico,
    people does not know how terrible is the situation in Sudan since long ago, I never
    saw in my life so many people united together specially in US no race, no age, no
    social or economic differences UNITED TO ONE EXTRAORDINARY PURPOSE stop genocide
    trying to help this people in DARFUR, MIA, GABRIEL, and all that wrote above me GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU, and President OBAMA please do not forget that you have the force, you have the power, to help borthers and sisters of AFRICAN REGION OF DARFUR.

  74. I will begin a two-week water only fast on Monday, May 11th.

  75. Dorena says:

    I have chosen the water only fast for the people of Darfur during the week of May 11, 2009. My prayers go out to all who suffer in this criminal tragedy. This website has truly inspired me.

  76. I will do the water fast every Monday.

  77. Xarmani says:

    I just read about this in MSN, I will do this for 2 weeks. May 9th-22nd, I will Fast(water only) and pray. God is the only one who can change the suffering in Darfur.

  78. May 11-14. Half water/half rations, as possible.

    People are welcome to visit our blog to leave comments, but no incendiary or bad language. Venting allowed (be creative).

    After cancellation of Mandate Darfur, though not surprised, angrier than usual.

    Already have begun water-low-calorie fast but it doesn’t count as in pain due to dental work. Will count starting Monday.


  79. Starting on Monday, May 11th I will start a 13 days water only fast, one day for each aid organization expelled from Darfur by the Government of Khartoum.

  80. Kathleen Sauser says:

    I will begin a 14 day hunger strike for Darfur beginning Sunday, May 10, 2009. My heart breaks for the citizens of Darfur. If I can open only one person’s eyes to their horrendous plight, it will be well worth the effort.

  81. Laura Anton-May says:

    I’ll be fasting Monday, May 11 & 18 and Tuesday, May 26 (water only). I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to join this noble cause. I’ll do my best to give my small sacrifice a bigger voice with my family, friends and to those that can affect change in Darfur.

  82. Dianna Egan says:

    On May18th I will start a refuge fast for 7 days in solidarity with anyone who has and is suffering. I open my heart to them all.

  83. Lauren M says:

    I will be fasting for seven days- water only- in support of those suffering in Darfur.

  84. I will be fasting for several days, water and juice only. I am priviledged to have the luxury to refuse food and help bring awareness to such an important cause. Wish Me Well.
    St. Louis, Missouri

  85. Julie K. Ross says:

    I’m currently a Sophomore (double majoring BA in Biology/BS in Forensic Biology) at the University of Great Falls, in Great Falls, Montana. Only because of the medications I need to take on a daily basis, I will be doing a liquid only diet (at the urging of my physician, he strongly “suggested” that since some meds need to accompany either food or milk, then liquids would be allowable, but not water only) beginning at 12am on Wednesday, May 13, 2009 and continue until midnight on May 19, 2009. That’s 7 full days. I am required to check with my doctor after that period has passed & if he says it’s alright for me to continue for a longer period of time, then I shall send another email to advise of the extended time.

    My many thanks to Mia Farrow & to Sir Richard Branson for being such inspirations to join this cause. I’m humbled & honoured to be a part of something that desperately needs attention. Best of luck to all partaking in this venture & may God Bless each humble soul… & may He bless the unfortunate refugees in Darfur… they need the prayers more than we do…

    Sincerely in Christ,

    Julie K. Ross

    P.S. I will also be advising our Director of Campus Ministries of this cause & see what he can do about getting some more people at the University involved in this as well. Even though we just finished finals week & are done for the summer (most of us are anyway!), there are some (including myself!) that will be taking summer classes beginning May 20th. I’m hoping I’ll be able to reach some others that I know are still in town or that haven’t left for home for the summer yet. Again, God Bless…

  86. I will fast for 5 days with only water. “No! The scripture say, “people need more than bread for their life””

  87. maria olmedo says:

    I’m on my first day of fasting (out of three). Living on water only. Still, my gesture seems so small when I know I can use all my mod. cons. to distract me from hunger and that I have a choice…
    Trying to get more Spanish people involved.

  88. Dyane Savino says:

    I will do a three-day water fast starting May 12th. God Bless!

  89. Kristen F. says:

    I am deeply moved to participate. This sacrifice is trivial compared to the deplorable conditions and unimaginable suffering citizens of Darfur experience, daily. God bless!

  90. DeChantel Ramge says:

    I will be fasting May 12-May 28th, tuesdays, thursdays, and sundays on a water only fast.

  91. chelsea says:

    i’m from mississippi, this little bubble in the south where no one is aware of anything. i hope by my water only three days a week fast until the end of june, i can begin a realization in my hometown. i wish it would allow me to feel some of the pain put upon these people, involuntarily. though i know nothing i can do here will ever compare to their struggle, maybe this will contribute to the awareness effort. because little bits, bit by bit, put together can make this whole that can save the lives of so many wonderful, precious beings. spread the word. learn more. let us be human, and help our unfound friends. share love and knowledge, and liberation. let us work.

  92. Tonya Ringle says:

    I will be fasting on water only the week of May 18th in support of this cause. I will be writing letters to my congressmen, Secretary Clinton, and President Obama. I am only sorry that I can not do more to help the Sudanese people.

  93. Jessica=) says:

    I will fast for three days, with water alone. I fasted today, and I will fast Tuesday and Wednesday. (May 11-13)

  94. I will be fasting today, water only, for them.

  95. Linda Sue says:

    I will be water fasting in support for Darfur on Tues. May 12, Wed. May 13 & Thurs. May 14.

  96. I will be joining you for a three-day water-only fast May 20-22. I will also be asking my friends to join me. Thank you for all that you’re doing.

  97. Susan Powell says:

    I will water fast on Wednesday, May 13 in honor of these brave people. How sad it is that our world leaders do not realize the need to help them. Even just one life lost there is a loss for all humanity.

  98. S Callahan says:

    I will fast on Thursday May 14th for the people of Dafur. May God have his mercy and grace and open the floodgates with food for his people. I will pass this throughout the USA so others will also take on this fast in church and community. God Bless.

  99. I will fast using the refugees rations for 26 days. It’s a small sacrifice knowing that it’s my choice, instead of being forced to live like this. My prayers go out to the citizens of the world, especially our kin in Darfur.

  100. I too will fast water only. I will start right now 12:27 MST and fast for at least 36 hours. I have contacted my congressman. God Bless you all for your inspiration and participation. May those causing trouble and distress find the error of their ways and make things right or may they

  101. I will fast, starting 5/16 through the end of the month, water only.

  102. i will fast tomorrow, water-only, for our family in sudan.
    i will through fasting seek Gods presence and ask for His strength for these beautiful people.

  103. Leon Fearon says:

    I have started my fast aged 16 yesterdai morning but cant take the pain its Excruciating and i have know learned to respect food a lot more than i do i beleive it is the worst thing that can happen to any one and erge all to give it a try a see how long dey could last for.
    I was meant to last for three days but cant go for any longer just after one day i am really weak and cant resist it.
    In love and memery for the people of darfur

    Leon Fearon

  104. I will fast for one week as an equalizer to the chauvinism.

    Daniel Rubio Jr.

  105. I will fast for 3 days, Water Only, for the suffering in Darfur. I may not have any family in Darfur, but no human deserves to be in the condition they are in now. I SUPPORT!!!!

  106. I will be doing the full 3-day water only diet to show solidarity with the people of Sudan and Darfur beggining on the 20th. Complacency is no longer an option, please support those who are partaking by disseminating information or join the fast.

  107. This is a great idea to fast for the people in this cause, but please be careful if you intend to fast for more than 24 hours. For free, you can get an ebook on “How to Fast Safely” at http://www.NaturalBodyHealth.com You can hurt yourself or even die from fasting too long or too severely. so be safe because we need kind people to continue the movement towards everlasting peace. Mark Laursen MD

  108. With deep gratitudes i would love to fast for a cause tht can change lives of millions of people..

    To the people concerned, i request you to urge to the people of INDIAN Sub-continent to join hands for this NOBLE CAUSE for people of DASFUR

  109. Linda White says:

    Today I am fasting and praying for a peaceful end to the crisis in Darfur.

  110. I’m on Day 5 of a water fast, debating on going longer. It’s one thing when you know you have the option to stop, isn’t it? I’m writing about this later today at Causecast.org, and I will likely also blog about it on my website, Polaris Rising.

    Thank you to all of you who are bringing mindfulness and attention to what’s going on half a world away; what you’re doing IS making a difference!

  111. Brandon says:

    I will be fasting (water only) tomorrow in solidarity with the refugees in Darfur. I will be praying for them and for peace to come quickly.

  112. Abida Ali says:

    I will fast for two days (Friday ans Saturday) on water only.

  113. I can only fast one day, Saturday 🙂 Great work! reality

  114. I can only fast for a day, thanx; great work! reality

  115. may 15-17 / ashley yelverton / lafayette, la / water only

  116. comenzare mi ayuno el 17 de mayo con solo liquidos.que el señor nos escuche

  117. to mia farrow: thank you for taking the kind of action that makes us look at ourselves. your website, http://www.miafarrow.org, is so poignant and personal, there was no way i could spend one more day without taking a stand in solidarity.

    my husband, 15-year-old daughter, and myself are today completing our third day of a three day water-only fast for the people of darfur.

    in addition to posting video and written blogs on our nonprofit website http://www.projectrhythmseed.org, we have all three been submitting daily blogs on our facebook, twitter, and myspace accounts. so far we know of two other individuals who have joined the cause, as well, and are trying to persuade others in our circle to take a stand.

    together, as people of the world, we have a voice that is stronger than any individual goverment or agency – i pray that we find our collective voice and RAISE IT so there is no mistake that we have zero tolerance for power mongers, greed, and suffering in this world.

    my best wishes to you all – good things are happening.

  118. synde korman says:

    am just finishing up a fast for Darfur(3 day water only) done tonight..5/17/09

  119. Kyle Kubler says:

    I’m a senior in high school and I will be fasting with 12 other friends of mine for one day (water-only) on Monday, May 18th. If this goes well I will fast again and for a longer time. During our day of fasting we speak in our classes about the genocide in Darfur.

  120. I just started this morning.am fasting for three days.I will be using this period to pray for the people of Darfur.Its just 10am ..i feel a bit sick because i slept directly under the fan yesterday.am sure by the time am off work at 5 and get some rest..i will be ok to continue tomorrow

  121. Day One was okay. Tummy-growling = twice today. Pretty much sane, healthy. YEY!

  122. Jobin – Thank you for your wonderful video.

  123. I will water-fast for two weeks. Will attempt longer if possible; will write again. Least we all can do. As Gabriel says: “You can blow out a candle, but you can’t put out a fire.” The world is watching.

  124. Julissa Resendiz says:

    I will fast for one day water only starting tomorrow. I will see how much farther I can fast in support of those in Darfur. 🙂

  125. Rachel Hooker says:

    I will fast for 3 days. & then see if can go longer 🙂

  126. Sindisiwe McDonald says:

    I will go on a water only fast for the day on Sunday 24 May 2009.
    Thank you for your vision and commitment to the people of Darfur and the world.
    It is really inspiring!

    Peace, Grace and Love.

    Sindisiwe (Grahamstown, South Africa)

  127. Loreen McDonald says:

    Fasting on Sunday, 24 May, 2009:

    Loreen McDonald
    Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
    Water only

    Hannah McDonald
    Eshowe, KZN, South Africa
    Water only

    During the time we would normally prepare and eat food, we will be praying.
    When we feel hungry, we will stand with those who are always hungry, and pray!

  128. I donate,pray,and fast. If you know,what else I can do for Sudan,please write me!

  129. Melanie says:

    I will be fasting for a week, seven days. I’m from Ontario, Canada. I think what is happening in Darfur is terrible. One step at a time, we can all raise awareness and help stop the on goings in Darfur.

  130. Caroline says:

    I’m going to fast for three days – until this upcoming Friday, May 29, 2009 – by only drinking water.

  131. Lauren Roberts says:

    I will fast and pray for seven days with friends.

  132. Deep Joshi says:

    ..I will be fasting today.. Wate only fast…

  133. I will fast for 4 days- water only and 14 days -refugees portion in solidarity with those in Darfur as a way to keep myself aware of the suffering around me.

  134. Malin Hallgren says:

    I will fast – water only- every Thursday from June throughout August in solidarity with the people in Darfur as a way to keep myself and those around me aware of the suffering.

  135. I will water only fast for 7 days in solidarity with all those in Sudan who have no other choice. I will lift them up before a compassionate God in daily prayer. My heart breaks for these people.

  136. Julianne says:

    I will do a water only fast for two days and try for three. I will fast for those who are suffering in Darfur…and pray.

  137. Elizabeth says:

    I will fast 1 day – water fast

  138. I will fast for as long as i can in honor of children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and moe, that must go through this everyday in Darfur.

  139. I will fast on Monday June 9th, water only. In support of those who have no choice

  140. Blake Roberts says:

    I will be fasting (water-only) for three days. June 15-17,2009. Will also inform as many people I know about the situation in Darfur and fastdarfur.org.

  141. kaitlynn says:

    i will fast for as many days as i can with water only for the people in darfur who have to indure this everyday

  142. Sadie Bennie says:

    I think this is an amazing effort, and i believe strongly in helping everyone around the world. I’m joining this cause for as long as i can, but at least a week, in memory of the people who have died in this holocaust and tell everyone about the effort.

  143. Adam Makarevicz says:

    I am horrified by the recent refugee camp bombing. I will be fasting all of tomorrow, June 5th. I regret that I cannot go longer as I have a college education to consider as well.

    For weeks I have followed this website’s activities with just too little confidence to personally take part. Now, however, I am ready to step forward. Thanks to all who have volunteered to give up some of our taken-for-granted livelihood before me and to all who do so after me.

  144. I had fasted for 8 days in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and went through various struggles in body and mind.
    What always had encouraged me was the idea to give this unbearable genocide a voice while the political world is incredibly mute.
    Discussions with my friends and colleagues about my intention to go / be on fasting showed me that we all have to give force that Darfur is coming back on the political agenda.
    Hartmut Rast, London

  145. amanda painter says:

    i feel so blessed to have been able to help these people. i have been able to help people realize what is going on, and also to get them to join the cause to. i have fasted for three days and i will continue to fast. Thanks for all who have helped with this cause.

  146. Hassan Idriss says:

    I an writting this message to all of you regarding you’re kindness and charity with your stand up behind Darfuris people and this message express to all believer in a Humanity to take actions for saving the life in peace to whole Mankinds through any way. However; I deeply send my enthusiatic to continiouing transfer with yours the messages as possible to whom had (Stone heart) and saying to them in our live we still got people had (Gold heart), God bless your efforts and the victory revolutions refer to all Human being rights.The victory will come! because you’re trying to make a sense of a life to powerless people,Bless Jop.

    Valuable is the work you do
    Outstanding in how you always come through
    Loyal, sincere, and full of good cheer
    Untiring in your efforts throughout the year
    Notable are the contributions you make
    Trustworthy in every project you take
    Eager to reach your every goal
    Effective in the way you fulfill your role
    Ready with a smile like a shining star
    Special and wonderful — that’s what you are!!

  147. zachary hancock says:

    i will be doing the water only fasting for 4 days at least….its not much compared to waht these people suffer on an every day basis..they are in my prayers

  148. Julie Ferland says:

    I’ll be fasting one day on June 13th. Let’s help those people, they do need our support and help! Peace!

  149. Krystin Kosche says:

    I will go on a water fast every friday for a year starting June 12, 2009.

  150. I am fasting 6/11-6/12 along with James Michael and other fellow fans and friends of SixxA.M. because we are all outraged….
    A change must happen now.

    We will work to get the word out, because more people need to know….

  151. Willow Brohmer says:

    Fasting for those that have and are experiencing the atrocities being committed in Darfur, and for the safe return and travels of the iAct team now in Chad at refugee camps keeping the stories of Darfuri victims alive.

  152. I will start the only water fast on Monday, June 15, for one day and then go to the refugee fast Tuesday and will fast for three days


  154. Rabbi Marty Lawson says:

    I will be fasting along with many rabbis and people of conscience from Wednesday evening, June 17 through Thursday evening, June 18. The prophet asks: “Is this the fast that I have chosen?” Yes, we can answer! This is a fast of righteousness hoping to save the lives of millions of women, children and men trapped in the horror of Darfur. May our efforts bring about the overthrow of the merciless Bashir regime!

  155. I will start fasting on Monday (June 15), all the way to Thursday (June 18). Water only.

  156. I will fast (water only) in solidarity with those in Darfur.

  157. I made it through 5/16 to 5/31, the full 15 days, water only.

    I’m back to re-enlist. Starting today 6/15, I will fast for another 15 days, water only, in solidarity for the refugess of Darfur.

  158. Sharon Kim says:

    i will fast water only this saturday in remembrance of world refugee day. I hope i will stick to it. God bless yall for ur helping in little and big ways. perseverance.

  159. Rebekka White says:

    I am fasting-water only-on June 16+17 and will curtail my food intake to a minimum thereafter in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in Sudan.

  160. End Genocide Now, I will fast for one day in solidarity. DIVEST YOURSELF FROM SUDAN http://www.sudandivestment.org/home.asp

  161. Stop Genocide Now, I will fast for one day in solidarity. DIVEST YOURSELF FROM SUDAN!!! Visit http://www.sudandivestment.org

  162. End genocide NOW. I will fast for one day in solidarity. DIVEST YOURSELF FROM SUDAN!!

  163. I will be joining the Fast on June22-23 in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in . Sudan

  164. Kathryn Smith McGlynn says:

    Fasting in solidarity June 19.

  165. Bill green says:

    I will fast for 2 days june22 and 23 water only

  166. Susan Marie Beschta says:

    I will fast w/ H2O only on Mondays until the refugee camps in Chad are closed and the citizens of Sudan feel that it would be safe for them to return to the country of their birth – Sudan.

  167. Susan Marie Beschta says:

    I will fast with H2O only on Mondays until the refugees in Chad feel that it would be safe for them to go back to their villages and homes in Sudan.

  168. I wrote an e mail about me fasting for Darfur but haven’t heard back yet. I plan to fast on a water only fast for every Monday in July, the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th.

  169. Thanks to James Michael for inspiring me to do this. The above dates I plan to fast for, I’ll gradually do a 3 day fast in a row in August

  170. I will begin water fasting Monday, June 22, 2009 till Sunday, August 10, 2009. That will equal seven weeks and one day (50 days). I will be under guidance of my doctor to make sure I am safe during this time.

  171. I will be fasting June 23rd and 24th (beverage only) and continue every Monday through the end of August.

  172. My name is Kristen and I will be fasting (water only) from June 28-30, Please join me!!

  173. Angela Anagnost Repke says:

    Friends and I will fast Tuesday, June 30, 2009 (water only) and deeply pray for peace in Darfur. We are posting cause invites on Facebook and hoping for more to join. “The just shall live by faith” ~ Hebrews 10:37

  174. Sandy Kemp says:

    I will start my warter only fast on Sunday June 28 and will continue for as long as possible. God Bless you all!

  175. i will fast, water only, from june 28 to july 2.

  176. Kendra Ginley says:

    i will do a water only fast from june 29 until july 1 and i will water fast every monday after that at least through august

  177. Tiffany says:

    I will water only fast from 6/29-7/5. I will be intentional about spending time in prayer for those in Darfur as well as advocating in any way I can.

  178. I will start my warter only fast on Thursday July 2 and will continue for as long as possible. God Bless you all!

  179. I will start my water only fast on Wednesday July 2 and will continue for as long as possible.

  180. My heart goes out to the people of Darfur who are truly in need. I am joining the water fast today, July 2nd, 2009. And I will add them to my prayer list for each 1st Monday of the month, when my local church fasts as a whole. Please know that you and the people of Darfur are in my prayers. Peace & God Bless You!

  181. Paris Monique Love says:

    Hi my name is Paris Monique Love I’m water fasting. I started June 29, 2009. This is day 5 for me and I have 25 days to go. (^__^) God bless the people of Darfur. I’m sending much love from Chicago, IL USA.

  182. Linda Sophia Pinti says:

    Hi. My name is Linda Sophia Pinti and I live in Cambridge, MA. I will begin fasting tomorrow, July 5. I pledge to continue until at least August 1, and I choose to fast some days on water only and some days on juice — that is how I fast best and I may go even 40 days or more, but one day at a time.

    While fasting itself is an action in solidarity with the suffering of others, each day I will try to take some additional action, some positive step, small though it may be, to raise awareness (mine and others) about the suffering in Darfur and what we can do to make a difference. Thanks Mia for starting this chain and inspiring the rest of us.

    With love and good wishes,

  183. I am beginning my first fast for Darfur tomorrow. I will fast every Monday in July for Darfur, the water only diet.

  184. Nearly 6 hours into the fast, can feel effects already but hanging in there.

  185. I will be doing a rations fast every Monday from July 13-August 3

  186. amphone says:

    ! will water fast 7 July to 7Aug. God bless Dafur.

  187. Jenna Nekvinda (Occupational Therapy Assistant Club, Kirkwood Community College, CR Iowa says:

    We will be fasting as a group (water only) in solidarity with those who are suffering in Darfur on July 14th, 2009.

  188. Patricia English says:

    I will be doing the refugee fast on 7/18 and 7/19/09, for Darfur, and also for Rwanda, where I spent 4 months volunteering last year.

  189. 2nd Time Fasting—Water Only—June 17-19th
    Good Job everybody.. Keep on raising awareness for Darfur and all the other chaos in our world today.

  190. Genenda says:

    I will begin a water only fast tomorrow (July 18), which will last a minimum of two days. If I feel I am able, I will go longer. I will use this as a time of prayer for the people of Darfur.

  191. I see now that even a 3 day fast/famine, can really impact a life, especially when God sees you doing it for the benefits. Let God see us also hurting not because we have to but because we need to but because we chose to, because were the ones willing to make a change. Let all our prays be answered in this time of our sacrifice.
    This is a song from my church(Citylife) here in Melbourne, Australia hope it brings impacts you as readers.
    “Your power is here today, it brings life to all who call, my whole life you invade, I’ve gota let the whole world know, my shame you take away, theres freedom for all who call, your lifeiis the only way, we speak the truth to show, I’ve gota call to a revolution, we’ve gota call to save the world, and bring life to all who hearrrrr, We are the ones, this generation we will seek you, forever till forever ends Waah Ohh, Waah Ohh, Ohhhh, Ohh…

  192. My experience in Fasting for Darfur was very enlightening to say the least. I experienced lightheadedness, dizziness, weakness, shakiness and borderline hallucinations after about the 18th hour.

    In the times I fasted for Darfur, it gave me a new awareness of what it’s like to go without food and it does give you an appreciation for being able to have food and clean water and that these people in Darfur don’t have this option. They have no choice, they don’t choose to fast with the option of eating the next day to make a point.

    These people are trying to survive and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they do. They have no resources and without us, these people are going to die. I wrote a letter to President Obama and told him the concerns I have for the people in Darfur and told him that something needed to be done about this and we need to use some of the resources we have toward the things that kill people and use them instead to help save people.

    And that we spend too much time developing the things that kill and not enough time in developing things that can help save people and that the children in Darfur and in the US are our future and if we stand by and do nothing, we are murdering the future and the future of our country and theirs.

    I got a reply from President Obama, thanking me for taking the time to share my concerns about global health and said he appreciated my input and thoughts on the issue. This is his letter.

    Dear Friend:

    Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns about global health. I appreciate your input and thoughts on this issue.

    I am committed to making my Administration the most open and transparent in history and part of delivering on that promise is hearing from people like you. I take seriously your opinions and respect your point of view on this important foreign policy matter. Please know that your concerns will be on my mind in the days ahead.

    Thank you again for writing. I encourage you to visit WhiteHouse.gov to learn more about my Administration or to contact me in the future.


    Barack Obama

    This experience is very eye opening and I hope to make a difference and I’m more aware of what is happening and I hope I can help do something about it.

  193. Laurin Lonneberg says:

    I will begin the water only fast tomorrow (august 25) and ending on the 27-28. hopefully i will find something better in me through this journey 🙂

  194. I too, shall fast in solidarity with the people of Darfur, Sudan. I carry with me a sense of hope and pride for the people subjected to inhumanity and constant suffering. Peace for All.

  195. Will start fasting with water today…
    will do it as long as I can …minimum of 10 days

  196. Debbie Livingston says:

    I have been doing a refugee fast once a week ever since Mia started her fast… I usually fast on Wedesdays… I will be fasting in solidarity on September 21.

  197. Joan Boysen says:

    I will fast water only on 9/21

  198. Kia F. Lighty says:

    I will do a water only fast on 21 September 2009! I will be praying for the Darfur citizens and others on the fast.

  199. i will do water fasting tomorrow!
    peace and love is the answer! we are one!

  200. Have posted on Face Book and I will be fasting with rations on Monday, Sept. 21, 2009. Thank God for Mia Farrow.

  201. I have posted information on the Fast for Dafur on Face Book. I will be fasting with rations on Monday, Sept. 21,2009 CST. Thank God for Mia Farrow.

  202. It is Time. Peace.

  203. I will be water fasting in solidarity today, and likely in more days to come.

    The fasting of Ramadan just concluded Saturday after a month, so this is particularly timely.

  204. We are all human beings – brothers and sisters in the community of the world – and if one is sick, we are all sick. “Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere” – Martin Luther King Jr.

    Our passion against injustice, to speak up for those without a voice, is an opportunity to experience the heart of God. “Learn to do good; seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow.” – Isa 1:17

    I will be in solidarity with the people of Darfur, and all who currently suffer the oppression of poverty and injustice. I will be doing the “refugee portions” fast for 40 days.

  205. I am fasting (water only) today, September 21 in solidarity with the people of Darfur.

  206. I am fasting for this whole week for Darfur! I’m hungry for peace and justice!!

  207. I am fasting September 22 and September 23 in solidarity with the brothers and sisters in Darfur who are starving to death, dealing with unspeakable violence, and living without peace. Thanks to Taylor Hanson for raising my awareness!

  208. I am going to fast the next two days in solidarity “water only”. Thanks to Taylor Hanson for raising awareness to those of us in Oklahoma and around the world!

  209. I’ll begin my water only fast at midnight and continue for 24 hours, the entire day of September 22nd, 2009, in solidarity with the people suffering in Darfur.

  210. Denise De Camp says:

    I will fast the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th water only in solidarity with those in darfur who have no choice but to subsist on the most meager rations. Many thanks to Taylor Hanson for raising his fan base’s awareness.

  211. I will fast for life in solidarity with the people suffering in Darfur for 3 days starting September 22nd, 2009 @ 12 AM – consuming only water.

  212. Naït Leticia says:

    I will fast today (the 22nd/sept) for the people in Darfour ! They are in my prayers…..

  213. Valerie Turner says:

    I will fast September 22nd-24th with water only beginning the 22nd at 12:00pm in solidarity with the people of Darfur.

    Many thanks to Taylor Hanson for introducing myself and others to this site and encouraging others to take action and become the difference. My heart and thoughts are with those in Darfur and the many others around the world taking action to bring hope and change.

  214. I am now ending my first day of my first water fast. My goal is two days. Hope I can make it through tomorrow!!

  215. My goal is three days, water only, starting at 12:00am on 23 September and ending at 12:00am on 26 September. I’ve never known what it is like to be hungry and I am sure that even after these three days, I will have only a fleeting glimpse at it, at best (or worst, depending on your point of view). I could (and will) donate to this cause and write to President Obama and my congressmen, but blindly writing a check or a letter doesn’t do much for empathy. I have invited my friends to participate in this with me.


  216. Alyssa Raven says:

    I will fast for the people of Darfur (water only) for three days a week every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from september 22th – october 22th.

    Thanks to Taylor Hanson for raising my awareness! 🙂
    God Bless you all!..

    Rostov, Russia.

  217. Hi! I will fast today (only water) in solidariety with those in Darfur!
    Thanks to Taylor Hanson and to you for keep spreading this word!
    God bless everyone!

  218. I’m fasting with rations from Sept 25th till the rest of the month. People from Darfur are in my daily prayers!

  219. Maale Cantellano says:

    Hi… I am fasting today only because I have a stomach disease but I will do it with “water only” for solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Darfur, I live in MEXICO and I feel very blessed because I’m aware of this thanx to TAYLOR HANSON influence and you guys, thanx for making a change!!!!!

  220. I will fast for three days for Darfur! Bless our brother and sisters over seas! God has spoken to me and this is what i feel i should be doing.

  221. annastacia says:

    hello,i live in germany and have been fasting for two days now because of my sick sister back home in kenya,i will fast two extra days for the all the pple in dafur plus the men and woman who are the aid workers living the comfort of they homes and countries to help.RESPECT AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU SO MUCH:

  222. I believe this is a serious matter. I will be participating in the fast for Darfur by water fasting starting on 29NOV2009- 23DEC2009. That is a total of 25 days. I will come back and update periodically. I appreciate all other’s efforts. Thank You and God Bless

  223. I will fast for 3 days……….

  224. I’m fasting for 3 days- water only. I may “only” be seventeen years old but I am more than willing to set an example for my peers, to bring attention to the Darfur cause.

  225. Fasting- water only – 48 Hours

  226. I will fast for 2 days straight on January 8,2010…water only.

  227. I will fast for 12 days for those in Darfur. Particularly the women and children. As a mother my heart breaks for them. I am honored to join the others here who sacrifice their own comfort for the sake of correcting an injustice.

  228. Jule Wallis says:

    I will be water fasting for 20 days. I hope the fast will open my, and other’s eyes to the dire, ongoing, and senseless act(s) in Darfur. We need to speak for those who cannot be heard/ignored. We need to force, through action and revolt, government to step up and end the death and violence in Darfur.

  229. Sally, you are absolutely correct, it shows that you’re an authority on the subject. I admire someone that takes the pride you have and with your projecton of information. oSo when i actually do sit down to read material, I appreciate well written and organized blogs like this one. I have it bookmarked and will be back. Thanks.


  231. Замечательно, это очень ценный ответ

  232. wery nice blog 🙂

  233. it is my belief that it is best to leave my name out if it. i commit to fast and pray for 1 day consuming only water…beginning Sunday May 23, 2010

  234. I can’t belive it, I love Obama. Anyone see his latest approval ratings?

  235. I will be fasting tomorrow, in honor of the International Day of Peace and of Darfur.

  236. Thanks for giving this awesome read. Check out my very own!

  237. This is great information about fast with the refugees of Darfur with ‘Darfur Fast for Life’ cause. Thank you for what you are doing to educate and raise awareness about this important topic.

  238. Couldn’t get any greater then this, superb efforts!?!

  239. Leslie Schubert says:

    In our English class we were assigned to write a reseach paper on the genocide in Darfur. Through my research on this topic, I came across your website. I am proud to learn that people still care about this. I wanted to let you know this website will be mentioned in our report.

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  243. Lorenzo Butts says:

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  246. Hi, my name is Courtney and I am from Shreveport, Louisiana. I will be doing the refugee rations fast/ water only fast starting sunrise on Saturday, February 26, 2011 in support for the Arms Trade Treaty. I will be doing the refugee rations fast on the 26th and 27th and I will be doing a water only fast on the 28th, which is the day that negotiations will begin for the Arms Trade Treaty.

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  264. I will fast 24 hours july 22 to 23rd 2011 in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in darfur. I too will continue this once a month until this crisis has ended. Peace.

  265. hii to any persone in here

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  266. Ellen Feig says:

    I will fast for 24 hours for Darfur.

  267. I will fast.

  268. I will fast with only water for July 22nd and 23rd

  269. I will Fast one day, water only, in solidarity with my sisters in Darfur. Blessings

  270. I am fasting for a month, consuming under 1000 calories per day, and donating the difference from my normal diet to feed our sisters and brothers.

  271. Fasting for Darfur

  272. Mike Rana says:

    I will fast on 23-Jul the whole day without food, and no water till 9 pm for the people of Darfur

  273. I am fasting 24 hrs, water only as well as observing 24 hrs noble silence. I am standing against all the suffering against people of Darfur ands all around the world.

  274. L A Hamilton says:

    Fasting for ALL suffering in Africa – not only Darfur -starting 7/23/2011

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