Darfur Fast for Life

We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan

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  1. Omer Ismail, Washington, DC. USA. (Enough Project)
  2. Mohamed Yahya, VA. USA. (Damanga Coalition for Freedom and Democracy)
  3. Mia Farrow, CT. USA.
  4. Peter Gabriel. Italy.
  5. Niemat Ahmati, Washington, DC. USA. (Save Darfur – Genocide Intervention Network)
  6. John Prendergast, GA. USA. (Enough Project)
  7. Buky Williams, DC. USA. (Darfur Dream Team)
  8. El Fadel Arbab, ME. USA (The Fur Cultural Revival)
  9. Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr., USA.
  10. Ruth Messinger, NY, USA. (President, American Jewish World Service)
  11. Tom Andrews, Washington, DC. USA. (President, Save Darfur – Genocide Intervention Network)
  12. Gloria White-Hammond, MA. USA.
  13. David Honig, USA. (President & CEO of MMTC)
  14. Esther Sprague, CA. USA.
  15. Martina Knee, CA. USA.
  16. Pamela Omidyar, HI, USA.
  17. Shannon Sedgwick Davis, TX, USA.
  18. Abigail Disney, NY. USA.
  19. Emmanuel Jal, USA. (We Want Peace)
  20. Amin Dabo, Nuba Mountains.
  21. Randy Newcomb, CA. USA. (Humanity United)
  22. Daniel P. Sullivan, DC. USA. (Save Darfur – Genocide Intervention Network)
  23. James Sabry, USA.
  24. Elizabeth Kuch, USA.
  25. Katie-Jay Scott Stauring, CA, USA. (Stop Genocide Now)
  26. Gabriel Stauring, CA. USA. (Stop Genocide Now)
  27. Lexi Stauring, CA. USA. (Stop Genocide Now)
  28. Gerardo Garcia, CA. USA.
  29. Rachel Veerman, CA. USA. (Stop Genocide Now)
  30. Teresa Stauring, CA. USA.
  31. Gina L. Okuda-Stauring, HI. USA.
  32. Andrez Stauring, HI. USA.
  33. Gretchen Steidle Wallace, NH. USA.
  34. Faith McDonnell, USA. (Church Alliance for New Sudan)
  35. Ibrahim Tahir (Beja Congress)
  36. Makki Makki, (The Institute for Sustainable Peace)
  37. Mark Brecke, CA. USA.
  38. Elizabeth Blackney (Media Lizzy)
  39.  Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Eisa (Robert F. Kennedy’s Hunan Rights Laureate and Harvard Humanitarian Initiative Fellow)
  40. Michael Glassman. USA.
  41. Tara Humphries, ME. USA. (The Fur Cultural Revival)
  42. Slater Armstrong, LA. USA.  (Nuba Mountains American Advocacy Group and Joining Our Voices)
  43. Fatah Arman.
  44. Parek Maduot.
  45. A.J. Fay, ID. USA. (Co-founder, Idaho Darfur Coalition)
  46. Pixie Poe, GA. USA.
  47. Nell Okie, CT. USA.
  48. Marv Steinberg, CA. USA.
  49. Pastor Heidi McGinness. USA. (Director of Outreach, Christian Solidarity International)
  50. Alysha Atma, OR. USA.
  51. Natasha Louis, MI. USA.
  52. C Churchill, IN. USA.
  53. Abby Bender, DC. USA.
  54. Sharon Wolfe, GA.USA.
  55. Maria Herrera, FL. USA.
  56. Christine Cheek, NC. USA.
  57. Marirose Piciucco, CA. USA.
  58. Jane Beckerdite, AK. USA.
  59. Olivia Patton, VA. USA.
  60. Masoud Akbari Rad. France.
  61. Melissa Gallahan, MD. USA.
  62. Ana Barreiro Kelly, VT. USA.
  63. Ana Luiza Lima. Brazil.
  64. Carys Cooke Newcomb, NY. USA.
  65. Debra Sizemore, OH. USA.
  66. Caili Martin, OH. USA.
  67. Richard Khismeth. Ghana.
  68. Michael Glassman, CA. USA.
  69. Jamie Boban, CA. USA.
  70. Shawn Humphrey, MD. USA.
  71. Julie Vaughan. England.
  72. Donna-marie Hollingdale. England.
  73. Baileigh Rae, CT. USA.
  74. Greg Lawson, CA. USA.
  75. Martha Boshnick, DC. USA.
  76. Rachael Moser, KY. USA.
  77. Jessica Métivier. Canada.
  78. Maisie Hall, CA. USA.
  79. Elizabeth Hauck, FL. USA.
  80. Luca Sampietro. Italy.
  81. Amy Einstein, MA. USA.
  82. Karen Trejo, CA. USA.
  83. John Clifford.
  84. Melissa SanMartin, PA. USA.
  85. Michelle Line, CA. USA.
  86. Anna Strattner, WI. USA.
  87. Ganin Lovell, WA. USA.
  88. Jared Garfinkel, NY. USA.
  89. Charity Peterson, FL. USA.
  90. Tristan Viner-Brown, NY. USA.
  91. Azra Sehic, CA. USA.
  92. Jeff Rodriguez, FL. USA.
  93. Breanna Morgan, IL. USA.
  94. Francesca Gianuario, CA. USA.
  95. Olivia Boyle, IL. USA.
  96. Wendy Cox-Vetitoe, TN. USA.
  97. Karly Placek, WI. USA.
  98. Shayna Abramson, NY. USA.
  99. Hayden MuhsMadison, WI. USA.
  100. Kaitlyn Clinger, PA. USA.
  101. Emmy Day, VA. USA.
  102. Ashley Jackson, OH. USA.
  103. Dani Rodriguez, DC. USA.
  104. Chris Caldwell. Canada.
  105. Wes Thompson, TX. USA.
  106. Steve Sorkin, MO. USA.
  107. Cory Williams, AZ. USA.
  108. Corinne Chin, NY. USA.
  109. Stacy Stamberger, WI. USA.
  110. Paulina Byron, MN. USA.
  111. Ashley Jowell, NC. USA.
  112. Nare Kupelian, CA. USA.
  113. Maggie Donahue.
  114. Maria Renteria, CA. USA.
  115. Polly Bonilla.
  116. Taylor Brown, MA. USA.
  117. Wendy Cox-Vetitoe.
  118. Alexandria Lucas, ME. USA.
  119. Sarah Margaret Grace Maxon, NY. USA.
  120. Becky Schenck, OR. USA.
  121. Anya Browne. England.
  122. Diane Gandee Sorbi, OR. USA.
  123. Thomas J. Edwards, NY. USA.
  124. Suzanne Kulperger, NY. USA.
  125. Aletha Roberson, GA. USA.
  126. Mary Ann Williams, NY. USA.
  127. Kristen Van Tassell, VA. USA.
  128. Lauren Lucas, ME. USA.
  129. Dolores P., IN. USA.
  130. Chris Fike, AZ. USA.
  131. Mariangela Tarasco. Italy.
  132. Susan Velazquez, IL. USA.
  133. Nicole McMillan, OR. USA.
  134. Donna V. Bortfeld, ID. USA.
  135. Mikkiana Horton, GA. USA.
  136. Britta Conlon, OR. USA.
  137. Pamela Paquini, CA. USA.
  138. Nikki Albanesius, PA. USA.
  139. Jacki Rivers. Australia.
  140. Rev. Kevin Mays, KY. USA.
  141. Hector Jimenez, CA. USA.
  142. Audrey Byron, VA. USA.
  143. Sarah Johnson, USA.
  144. Hilda Jimenez, CA. USA.
  145. Nadia K. Mulji , CA. USA.
  146. Ari Brown, IL. USA.
  147. Carleigh Koger, TX. USA.
  148. Colby Hopkins, NY. USA.
  149. Shannon Keeler, CA. USA.
  150. Anita Srivastava.
  151. Lon Otterby, OR. USA.
  152. Bridget L. Campbell, CA. USA.
  153. Anna Rodriguez, CA. USA.
  154. Susan Chunco, CA. USA.
  155. Berlayna Howard, CA. USA.
  156. Emily Hines, VT. USA.
  157. Shannon Stoney, TN. USA.
  158. Krystyna Kilde. Norway.
  159. Rachel Marie Asaro.
  160. Prabsimran Sachdev, NY. USA.
  161. Elizabeth A. Ladner, MS. USA.
  162. Natalia Luna Diez Gutiérrez. Mexico.
  163. Amy Einstein, MA. USA.
  164. Michelle Thompson, OR. USA.
  165. Deanna Lipes, MD. USA.
  166. Nicole O’Donnell, VA. USA.
  167. Barbara Tasco, PA. USA.
  168. Vania Simittchieva, NY. USA.
  169. William Miles, VA. USA.
  170. Emma Krasovich, CA. USA.
  171. Stephanie Patton, NV. USA.
  172. Ashley Thomas, MI. USA.
  173. Kathy Morgan, IL. USA.
  174. Elischia Fludd, NY. USA.
  175. Noelle L’Etoile, CA. USA.
  176. Afton Kelly, CA. USA.
  177. Chelsea Pogue, OR. USA.
  178. Karen Schneider. Canada.
  179. Elena Fenn, AZ. USA.

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We fast in solidarity with the people of Darfur because they do not have a choice. We fast as a personal expression of outrage at a world that has allowed the suffering of millions of innocent people. We fast because as we simply watched, Darfur’s defenseless people were forced into wretched camps where today they are facing starvation and disease. We fast because those in positions of authority who know what is right and just, could and should do more to alleviate their suffering and bring peace, protection, and justice to the people of Sudan.

We fast for Darfur’s courageous people —because we yearn for a world where human rights are respected and a life of dignity is the legacy for every man, woman and child.

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  1. I’ll join you today.

  2. Izabela Lundberg says:

    I am with you! I started this morning.

  3. Joanne V Rhone says:

    I share you commitment to bring positive change for the people of Darfur. I will join you on 5/22/09.

  4. Nicole Williams says:

    I’m joining in today.

  5. Ricir Muhdi says:

    Fasting for starving people??? Please take the time and make the effort to send the food that you are not eating to the hungry people. Suggestion—Since you will most likely make more money in 2 years than I will make in a life time,,,consider hiring someone like me to make sure the food gets there.

  6. Today I fasted for Darfur. I usually don’t each meals, but am a snacker so it was weird every time I wanted to reach for a snack. However, I reminded myself of all those who have no refrigerator or cabinet to go to, no store to run to in order to get a snack. That made it easier for me in some regards, but harder to spend the day thinking of all those mentioned. I think of the hungry all the time. Something as basic as food and water should be plentiful for all. Freedom, liberty, safety from harm, all these are God given rights. I don’t know how to end the suffering, but I will do all I can to help raise awareness. There are so many in the world needing help. It is hard to sleep at night. Sometimes I am not so sure if all of these peaceful, non-violent demonstrations work. God Bless All.

  7. shiloh lillith says:

    My apologies for previous post…it is off of my blog and reading it again I realised that what flys on a blog as another example of my self deprecating humor read by people who know you sounds different to a stranger.

    While I understand why aid workers feel that it would be a good idea to send money to organisations instead of spending money on a doctor monitored fast I think it is unfair to assume that one action excludes the other. I myself tho a member of the working poor stil manage to make small contributions. Fasting won’t be a substitute .

    I have been trying to discuss Dafur with my friends for quite awhile. They just roll their eyes and change the subject.When I decided to fast I told my friends not because I expected any support and certainly not understanding . I was sure they would find it to be an act of self indulgence and self importance . I just wanted to warn people that I will be cranky.

    I was amazed to find that for the first time they are willing to listen to me . The idea that I would not eat for 2 days just to protest the treatment of people I don’t even know seems to strike a chord with them.

    So while I don’t have any illusions that my going hungry for a couple of days will change the world it may in some way influence at least a couple of people into at least listening and maybe eventually even taking action.

    All I can do is hope.

  8. Спасибо. было очень интересно.

  9. This is a wonderful thing, and am surprised that everyone is jumping on board like this is such a new thing. Catholics have been doing this for over 2,ooo years, to offer up as a sacrifice going without food in prayer for those who need it. Many have made fun of this practice because they didn’t understand it. I am glad that people at least understand fasting, if even only on a level of solidarity is a good thing. Yet,I also would hope those that are fasting understand it as a much deeper offering and prayer as we have known and practiced for years. To deny oneself out of love for another’s suffering.

  10. Nessie Horton says:

    I’m happy to help in anyway I can and this is a small thing I can do to help. I wish I could be there in Washington but I will do everything I can to help bring awareness about the plight in Darfur and contact my local congress and senate.

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  12. Really value you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

  13. Javier Stauring says:

    Eating my last cutie as I prepare to fast. Thinking about all those who fast without option

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