Darfur Fast for Life

We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan

Berrin Noorata

Berrin Noorata is a fashion professional and the director of communications for the award winning American designer, Rogan Gregory. In order to pursue a career in fashion, Berrin dropped out of school not once, but twice. Still, it seemed to have paid off (don’t worry, she finally ended up getting her degree from F.I.T.)

In 2004, Berrin helped to launch Rogan’s environmentally focused organic cotton fashion brand Loomstate, where she has also incorporated her love of music into a program that specifically designs and supplies organic tees to bands like The Shins, TV On The Radio and Sparkle Horse.

Berrin has been honored by Men’s Style.com as one of the world’s 25 “Women of Fashion”.

Day 2

July 13, 2009 By: Admin Category: Berrin Noorata

Day 2 of the fast I spent the day online reading about the hunger and turmoil the people of Darfur live in.  I want to keep myself occupied and my mind focused.  I’ve gone only 2days without the abundance of food that Im used to and I feel weak, tired… All I want to do is sleep to pass the time.
I can’t imagine what it would feel like to not have a choice to eat and enjoy food.  I want to do so much more to help these people.  I feel so blessed for the life I live and for this opportunity that has been passed on to me from my friend and so many amazing people before her.
This experience is my baby-step toward supporting a great cause for humanity.

1st Day

July 12, 2009 By: Admin Category: Berrin Noorata

I received an email a few days ago from my dear friend, Naheed Simjee, asking if I’d be interested in getting involved with this fast.  I realized I didn’t really know much about Darfur, so I decided to take this opportunity to educate myself and understand as much as I could.
I hope that my involvement in this fast helps build awareness and encourages other people to get involved.

Today is the first day of my fast and  having skipped just breakfast so far, Im feeling fine.  I’m on my way to a lunch meeting – now minus the lunch.

I worked through the day and ran errands, trying to keep myself busy and my mind off food.  I started to feel light headed and tired around 4pm so I took a nap. By evening, I started to get a headache and noticed my mood become very irritated.  The first day of hunger seems to be effecting my head more than my stomach.

It’s late.  I’ve started and stopped this entry 3 times now.  I can’t think clearly so I’ll say goodnight.1s1

Berrin Noorata Joins Darfur Fast for Life

July 11, 2009 By: Admin Category: Berrin Noorata