Darfur Fast for Life

We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan

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Hungry For Peace – Day 3

September 24, 2009 By: Admin Category: Taylor Hanson

By the time this posts I will have crossed past the midnight hour where I am (CST), concluding my three day fast for Darfur. So many thoughts have gone through my mind today. I sit here under lamp light in my home office alone and in thought, humbled and quieted. I sit and think; there are so many of us, who have the power to do great things.

Greatness is not about being larger than life, greatness is found in the simple actions, in decisions made that don’t stand out on the front page, the choices we make when no one is watching in order to give us accolades. There is greatness in the people living in Darfur right now at this very moment. Some will eat tonight, many will not. Most are looking directly at a future without any signs of hope.

If you are like me, you can choose to put aside creature comforts for a few days and join a fast, who knows maybe that will be all you do, or maybe it will inspire a revelation in you. Thank you to everyone who has already pledged there actions to this cause, I hope to see that as my fast day concludes many others are beginning.

-Taylor H

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Hungry For Peace, Day Two

September 22, 2009 By: Admin Category: Taylor Hanson

Day two, Headaches, Loss of concentration. The main thought I have as I go through my second
day of fasting is simple. It’s the feeling that I don’t have control.

Today, I cannot eliminate the hunger I have, I cannot bring focus to my thoughts,
I cannot circumvent the pounding headache….but my loss of control
is temporary.

I think to myself, the same cannot be said for a young mother, or a child
a friend, someone’s companion or caretaker. For them loss of control is a new way of life.

Thank you to everyone who has already responded saying they plan to join the fast and their
kind words. Let’s make it more than words, join FastDarfur.org

Taylor H

Bill Bradbury joins Darfur Fast for Life

September 20, 2009 By: Admin Category: Bill Bradbury

Hungry for peace

September 20, 2009 By: Admin Category: Taylor Hanson

This morning when I woke up it was like any other day I spend at home.
I rose from a restful sleep, with my family close by. I got dressed, helped my kids get their breakfast and get suited up for another day of school. I was a bit groggy at 7:30 am following a late night at band rehearsal, but I was not suffering. Ultimately I was at peace.

For the next three days, I am choosing to add a different routine to my day which does not quite fit in. I am taking a small action of ultimate defiance by fasting from food which is so readily available to me. I am doing it in recognition of those in Darfur, who share all the same desires for internal peace of heart and mind, but have no hope of an outward peace for their flesh and blood. I am taking part in the fast today to join myself for a moment, to the thousands who find themselves with very little hope, in fear of starvation, disease, and violence against themselves and their families.

It is easy to think that real change is not possible, it is easy to tell yourself it’s not your problem to concern yourself with the suffering of the many who are thousands of miles from you, with different ideas, and scenarios we cannot possibly understand. We all have those thoughts, but the issues surrounding the tragedies in Darfur are among the greatest our generation has seen, and our ability to effect real change can begin humbly and with a resonance that will prevail. It can begin with the decision to stand in solidarity and in recognition with those who cannot stand for themselves.

Today I am hungry, hungry for peace, for the people of Darfur.

Taylor H

Join us on September 21 for an International Day of Fasting for Peace and Justice in Sudan.

September 14, 2009 By: Admin Category: September 21, 2009; International Day of Peace and World Day of Fasting

Sept 21 International Day of from fastdarfur on Vimeo.


Bill Bradbury to fast on Sept 21

September 14, 2009 By: Admin Category: Uncategorized


When Bill was learning about the impacts of climate change, he studied the very real effects that a shrinking Lake Chad has on the people in the region. In most of the 250 climate change presentations he has given, he explains that the issue of genocide in Darfur is multifaceted, but that very real environmental degradation has impacted families’ abilities to fish, irrigate and feed themselves. This exacerbates the problem and puts further burdens on the people in the region.

Signed up for fasting on September 21:

September 01, 2009 By: Gabriel Category: September 21, 2009; International Day of Peace and World Day of Fasting

  1. Mia Farrow, Connecticut USA
  2. Sir Richard Branson, UK
  3. Peter Gabriel, UK
  4. Don Cheadle, USA
  5. John Prendergast, DC USA – Enough!
  6. Ruth W. Messinger, NY USA – American Jewish World Service
  7. Taylor Hanson, USA
  8. Coby Archa, USA – TV’s Survivor
  9. Pamela Omidyar, Hawaii USA
  10. Shannon Sedgwick-Davis, Texas USA
  11. Richard Rockefeller
  12. Paul Freedman, CA USA
  13. Mark Hanis, Genocide Intervention Network
  14. James Michael, USA
  15. Bill Bradbury, Oregon USA
  16. Katie-Jay Scott, California USA – SGN/i-ACT
  17. Gabriel Stauring, Califormia USA – SGN/i-ACT
  18. Stacey Martino, California USA – SGN/i-ACT
  19. Eric Angel, California USA – SGN/i-ACT
  20. Cory Preston, Oregon USA – SGN/i-ACT
  21. Jeremiah Forrest, Utah USA – SGN/i-ACT
  22. Mary Barrett, Canada – SGN/i-ACT
  23. Alysha Atma, Oregon USA – SGN/i-ACT
  24. Stephen Atma, Oregon USA
  25. Kathleen Scott, California USA – SGN/i-ACT
  26. Joan Rapadas, California USA – SGN/i-ACT
  27. Irene Barrett, Canada – SGN/i-ACT
  28. Teresa Stauring, CA USA
  29. Alejandra Stauring, Waipahu, HI USA
  30. Gina L. Okuda-Stauring, Koloa, HI USA
  31. Juan Carlos Stauring, Koloa, HI USA
  32. Marv Steinberg, California USA
  33. Martina Knee, CA USA
  34. Esther Sprague, CA USA
  35. Chery Khun, Minnesota USA
  36. Joan Boysen, Arkansas USA
  37. Meron Moroz, Canada
  38. Anshul Mittal, California USA
  39. Nell Okie, Connecticut USA
  40. Liz Palmer, South Africa
  41. Karen Lonon-Jones, Oregon USA
  42. Mackenzie J Hamilton, Smith College USA
  43. Jennifer Rouse, Arizona USA
  44. Diane Gandee Sorbi, California USA
  45. Tammy Pendleton, Texas USA
  46. Sun Rose, USA
  47. Anush Avejic, California USA
  48. Mariah Graham, Arizona USA
  49. Paul Hjellming, Minnesota USA
  50. Katherine Johnston, UK
  51. Surabhi Mahajan
  52. Suzanne Murray-Jones, Tbilisi, Georgia
  53. Clara Freitas, Brazil
  54. Martha Heinemann Bixby, Washington, DC
  55. Jo Read, Cambridge
  56. Jobin Sam, Toronto, ON
  57. Sandra Lee da Silva, Los Angeles, CA
  58. Shahrzad Nouraini, Thailand
  59. Suzi Q. Smith, Denver, CO
  60. Frank Gitau
  61. Gretchen Steidle Wallace
  62. Robert Hadley, Portland, OR
  63. Jim Fussell, Washington, DC
  64. Doreen A. Romney
  65. Evonne InKenzo Heyning, Los Angeles, CA
  66. Ashis Brahma, Uganda
  67. Nare Kupelian, UCSD
  68. Yvonne Heffernan, New York, NY
  69. Oets Emmons, Silicon Valley, CA
  70. Megan Goldner, Texas State
  71. Frank Castle, New York, NY
  72. Steve Bilow, CA Institute of the Arts
  73. Peggy Thompson, Orange County, CA
  74. Brigitte Goddemeyer
  75. Nika Vicqueneau
  76. Susan Smylie, San Antonio, TX
  77. Greg Lawson, Redding, CA
  78. Emily Berg, MSMC CA
  79. Kirsten Lenander, Augustana SD
  80. Sarah Barre, Boyle School
  81. Eliz Woods
  82. Christopher Leonard Wasileski, Wheaton MA
  83. Alicia B., Vancouver, BC
  84. Pamela Langevin, Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific
  85. Ryder Bergerud, University of Victoria
  86. Michelle Hancock, Australia
  87. Justine Murphy, Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN
  88. Lori Wirth Kiwor, Phoenix, AZ
  89. Kayla Mueller, N. Arizona
  90. McNair New Hampshire, New Hampshire
  91. Marina Belding Håkonsson
  92. Katy Campbell Hill
  93. Bryant Sandoval, Palisades Charter High School
  94. Emma Weisberg, Edina Senior High School
  95. Liza Gould, Edina Senior High School
  96. Shannon DalSanto, Enumclaw Senior High School
  97. Michael Kaliski, Los Angeles, CA
  98. Emily Kate King, Notre Dame Preparatory High School
  99. Royce Topnigga Denman, Phoenix, AZ
  100. Garrick Gallego, Notre Dame Preparatory High School
  101. Danielle Gaudio, ASU
  102. Ryan Martin, San Diego, CA
  103. Rebekka Christ, N. Arizona
  104. Ashley Hoffman, Phoenix, AZ
  105. Kelly Arsi, Kutztown
  106. Lorena Rabelo Maia, Newberry
  107. Staci Nicole
  108. Megan Kiwor, ASU
  109. Melanie Keller, Washington
  110. Patrick Guanbie
  111. Christina Tajalli, UC Irvine
  112. Katie Simpson, New Hampshire
  113. Kristy McCarville, Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
  114. Lisa Prettyman
  115. Rasheda Hammond, Baltimore, MD
  116. Joey Edwards, Clackamas High School
  117. Jamie Trullinger, Portland, OR
  118. James Knepper, Milwaukie High School
  119. Nancy S Gaittens, Chicago, IL
  120. Amy Zacher, Oregon State
  121. Judy Iwanier, Los Angeles, CA
  122. Pat Bradach, Portland, OR
  123. Cynthia Ma, Portland State
  124. Valarie Hunsinger, New York, NY
  125. Kevin Hurst, Manchester, NH
  126. Asim Alzaki, Saudi Arabia
  127. Karolina Cieszkowska, Portland State
  128. Tami Gormady
  129. Judith Diaz, CSU Long Beach
  130. Windi Youngblood
  131. Linn Groft, Alabama
  132. TaurraLynne Spencer
  133. Meaghan Patrick, UVA
  134. Paige Derrick, Newberry
  135. Arthur Thomas
  136. Huma Pierce, Portland, OR
  137. Bekah Hawley, New Hampshire
  138. Biz Jacobs, New Hampshire
  139. Jessica Penny, Portland High School
  140. Eric Wisner
  141. Cherie Mainenti, Tampa Bay, FL
  142. Kimmy Ervin, Ladywood High School
  143. Jim Piatt, Philippines
  144. Sandra Fernandez, Los Angeles, CA
  145. Sarah Gormady, New Hampshire
  146. Mikayla Rose
  147. Juliana Styner, Philadelphia, PA
  148. Kiwanis Mitchell, Newberry
  149. Matt Andrews, Philadelphia, PA
  150. Amanda Brooks, Bellevue, WA
  151. Garret Thomson
  152. Megan Pecharo, Philadelphia, PA
  153. Brett Pecharo, Aberdeen
  154. Dr.Raw Dplace, Barbados
  155. Zack Stoudemayer, Newberry
  156. Samy A. Mostafa Abul-Ela
  157. Suzie Shatarevyan, Loyola Law School Los Angeles
  158. Courtney Taniguchi, Los Angeles, CA
  159. Alexis Torres-Dawson, Bellevue Senior High School
  160. Rosie Adela Rivadeneira, Los Angeles, CA
  161. Tyler Carter, Aberdeen
  162. Pia Abraham, Miami, FL
  163. Irma Villal, Houston, TX
  164. Melissa Anne Thompson, Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
  165. Tiffany Castle, Rwanda
  166. Jennifer Wraalstad, Coon Rapids Senior High School
  167. Beto Venturi
  168. Megan Caruso
  169. Mariana P. Barrantes, Houston, TX
  170. Lisa Patino, East Bay, CA
  171. Katie Isaacson, Coastal Carolina
  172. Jonathan Chapman, Newberry
  173. Chris Price, CSU Long Beach
  174. Make Admin, Olivia Gray
  175. Cat Palmer, South Africa
  176. Joycelyn Siame, Delaware
  177. Judy A. Bernstein, California
  178. Carolyn Egan, Coon Rapids Senior High School
  179. Tess Buccigrosso, Mary Washington
  180. Anna Shethar, Colorado Springs, CO
  181. Anne Kenny Strauss, Chicago, IL
  182. Charlotte Hill, Berkeley
  183. Juana Torres, U. Houston
  184. Shannon Markel, New York, NY
  185. Amani Agory, San Diego, CA
  186. Annie Wilson, San Francisco, CA
  187. Khadija Khan, North Henderson High
  188. Grey Riviere, Portland, OR
  189. Jerry Daly, Atlanta, GA
  190. Jackie Lewis, New Hampshire
  191. Ali Mass, Syria
  192. Katy Eymann
  193. Nathan Kleinman, Georgetown
  194. Brianna Maciejewski, North Henderson High
  195. Connor Johnson, Aberdeen
  196. Michael Bush, Hartford, CT
  197. Loving Nicole Baci, Spring – Ford High School
  198. Amy Bates, Eugene, OR
  199. Kim Bacon, Chicago, IL
  200. Layla Johnston, U Illinois
  201. Allison Wang, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts
  202. Kristina Kiradake Pham, Houston, TX
  203. Shara Mohtadi, Edina Senior High School
  204. Molly Arnold, Newberry
  205. Sarah Santiago, Minnesota
  206. Brad Thompson, W. Oregon
  207. Heather Schommer, St. Thomas
  208. Dan Benson, Coon Rapids Senior High School
  209. Alejandro Queral, Portland, OR
  210. Bridgette Hanning, Orange County, CA
  211. Robbie Madison, Newberry
  212. Reynel Walden, Springfield, MO
  213. Gina Hullum, Phoenix, AZ
  214. Mutaz Al Abbadi, Sudan
  215. Catherine Rose, Tampa Bay, FL
  216. Victoria Valdez, Houston, TX
  217. Ruby Schooz
  218. Zuzana Omastová
  219. Kylie Joanna Rowe
  220. Curtis Lucas, Houston, TX
  221. Amber Wiebe, Coon Rapids Senior High School
  222. Joanie Holden, Newberry
  223. Yvonne Stewart, San Francisco, CA
  224. Cordula Klaeger
  225. Yvonne Epiphany Stewart, San Francisco, CA
  226. Sara Oberdorf, LSHTM
  227. Daniel Kariuki, Kenya
  228. Martina W Knee, California
  229. Yay Fone, UCSD
  230. Sabena Stark, Oregon
  231. Hamed E Irani
  232. Laura Dahlquist, Coon Rapids Senior High School
  233. Michael Macdonald, Loyola Chicago
  234. Ashley Dell’Osa, Pacific Lutheran
  235. Braidynn McKenzie Harchis, Enumclaw Senior High School
  236. Danae Acevedo, Maranatha High School
  237. Jesse ‘Nair Feebz’ McCall, Washington
  238. Nick Bil, Canton High School
  239. Bridgit Antoinette Evans, New York, NY
  240. Prince Raassi, San Francisco, CA
  241. Kayla Maree Fend, Enumclaw Senior High School
  242. Hailey Shay Machin, Enumclaw Senior High School
  243. Jessica Lee, Newberry
  244. Peter Prescott
  245. Shelby Martin
  246. Cathy Mendonça, San Diego, CA
  247. Ari Cruz, Maranatha High School
  248. Songsangjun Wisaswongsa
  249. Lizet Elaine Elliott, Los Angeles, CA
  250. Silas Marie Cleon, Converse
  251. Liz Song, San Francisco, CA
  252. Janina Torres, Silicon Valley, CA
  253. Kelly Enninga
  254. Jennifer Forest Glauser
  255. Katie Dettman, Eugene, OR
  256. Jamie Owen Swafford, Eugene, OR
  257. Abby Boydston, Maranatha High School
  258. Emma Catherine Neil
  259. Katie Krizman, Boston, MA
  260. Dan McCormack, San Diego, CA
  261. Kasey Cox, Michigan
  262. Chris Jackson, Los Angeles, CA
  263. Sheah Brown, Seattle, WA
  264. Jane J. Orr, Wichita, KS
  265. Elliot Haymes, Newberry
  266. Nicole Evans Gonzalez
  267. Vanessa Silva, Santa Teresa High
  268. Justin Peterson
  269. Vivian Pinotti, Houston, TX
  270. Mac Hamilton, Smith
  271. Pomegranate N Eye, Los Angeles, CA
  272. Frances Ancona, Detroit, MI
  273. Sara Vitello, Springfield, MA
  274. David Strawhun, Lexington, KY
  275. Yash Ruparelia, St. Francis High School
  276. Kate Wharton, Georgia Tech
  277. Bank Light
  278. Wynter Byrnes
  279. Marin Stark-Steinberg, Suffolk County, NY
  280. Tony Alpert, Blue Springs South High
  281. Mohammed Saad, Egypt
  282. Ella McCallie
  283. Candie Carter
  284. Hannah Aurand, Newberry
  285. Wai John Wai, Concordia CA
  286. Lance C. Chabert, Woodlands College Park
  287. Elda Baci, Spring – Ford High School
  288. Keith James, Newberry
  289. Becca Mellem, Fargo, ND
  290. Ben Miller, Coon Rapids Senior High School
  291. Amanda Pacheco, Live Oak High
  292. Molly Pearlman, Cooperstown Central High School
  293. Cortny Bourbonnais, Oliver M. Hazen Senior High
  294. Annette Hansford, FSU
  295. Debra Porta, Portland State
  296. Alex Flores, Concordia CA
  297. Bryan Wrigley, Newberry
  298. Alise Grace Bailey, Enumclaw Senior High School
  299. Eve Robbins-Spevack, Washington, DC
  300. Josh Maciejewski, Appalachian State
  301. Doug Roede, Grand Rapids, MI
  302. Katie Justice, Newberry
  303. Nora Stefani, Holy Names Academy
  304. Amada Catabay, Benson Polytechnic High School
  305. Aysia Wright, Portland, OR
  306. Paul Topping, London, ON
  307. Simon Goldberg, Yeshiva
  308. Ben Prochazka, USA
  309. Kirsten Lenander, USA
  310. Ann Cropsey, Redding, CA USA
  311. Damon Cropsey, Redding, CA USA
  312. Susan U, Redding, CA USA
  313. Kate Layman
  314. Sara Oberdorf
  315. Virginia Applebaum, AL USA
  316. Ally Bordas, CA USA
  317. Joann Bordas, CA USA
  318. Joanne R., CA USA
  319. Michelle Line, USA
  320. Heather Whitener, OH USA
  321. Ann LeBlanc, Alabama USA
  322. Angela Leis, CA USA
  323. Matt Kauffman, NY USA
  324. Jodie Herrin, USA
  325. Amy Camp, AL USA
  326. Laura Dahlquist, MN USA
  327. Nancy-Linh Le, AZ USA
  328. Darline Weihl, IL USA
  329. Marbella Brown, WA USA
  330. Mel Hayes, IL USA
  331. Donna Holscher, CA USA
  332. Dave Robinson, KY USA
  333. Joanne Leslie, CA USA
  334. Blake W. Jonas, NJ USA
  335. Moira Egan, NY USA
  336. Caitlyn McDanie, OH USA
  337. Elizabeth Coombs, CO USA
  338. MaryAnn Betlyn, PA
  339. Daniel Levinson
  340. Harmut Premendra Mayer, Germany
  341. Mary Burns, Redding, CA USA
  342. Ted Klaseen, Redding, CA USA
  343. Erica Velander, PA USA
  344. Raquel Palacios, NJ USA
  345. Richie Royce, OR USA
  346. Jackie Pitts, Oberlin
  347. Daniela Weinapple, NJ USA
  348. Clair Huntington, SO Salem High
  349. Kristina Dikih, Sprague High School
  350. Jack Kinnarney, E. Stroudsburg
  351. Maddie Eagan
  352. Chris Morris
  353. Gal Dotan, Fair Lawn High School
  354. Nadrae Grashin, NY USA
  355. Doreen Yah, NYU
  356. Caitlin Rhoades, Holy Cross
  357. Lindsay Mulford, Ramsey High School
  358. Lindsey Scott, UPenn
  359. Nicky Brownson, South Salem High
  360. Lynne Wooddell
  361. Liz Stafford
  362. Sarah Rauch, Princeton High School
  363. Nickolai Belakovski, Perdue
  364. Sylvain Brown, OR USA
  365. Sarah Leslie, Sprague High School
  366. Erin Anderson, CA USA
  367. Andres Sandoval
  368. Julie Lewis, CA USA
  369. Liz Devlin, E Stroudsburg
  370. Katrina Chan, USC
  371. Marissa Cuellar, Sprague High School
  372. Viveka Mandhyan, Kean
  373. Ann Lougee, Redding, CA
  374. Lizzie Coombs, CO USA
  375. Lauren Ralph Hooghis, E Stroudsburg
  376. Michael Sean Dempsey, Temple
  377. Alison Zhong, Sprague High School
  378. Natalie Rizk, BU
  379. Marisol Conde-Hernandez, Rutgers
  380. Danielle Potter, Sprague High School
  381. Amber Woods, OR USA
  382. Holly Cowan, Sprague High School
  383. Cassidy Bennett, San Clemente High
  384. Lindsay Rochelle Wall, Sprague High School
  385. Mahealani Lehua Schreindorfer, Sprague High School
  386. Kaely Deangelo, Sprague High School
  387. Stefani Cooper, Sprague High School
  388. Kara Mackay, Gulf Island Senior Secondary
  389. Ondi Vettrus, Sprague High School
  390. Erin LaCroix, Ithaca College
  391. Cory Williams
  392. Jim Smith
  393. John Veras, Princeton
  394. Savan Patel, OR USA
  395. KT Wooldridge, OR USA
  396. Opal Mae Smith, Sprague High School
  397. Akilah Zara, Oberlin
  398. Ellie Freeman, OR USA
  399. Stephanie Grubb, Gettysburg
  400. Delanti Rockwilder, McGill
  401. Taariq Parker, Princeton High School
  402. Candice Sierzega, E. Stroudsburg
  403. Dave Robinson, Bellarmine
  404. Yessica Espina, Rutgers
  405. Sisa Fable, TX USA
  406. Molly Garritson, San Clement High
  407. Tamara Selene Mares, Winnepeg, MB
  408. Larry Brickner-Wood, NH USA
  409. Juan Pablo Gomez Sucre, Venezuela
  410. Michelle Lemons Broome, TN USA
  411. Sherri Cook, AL USA
  412. Isa Traverso-Burger, IL USA
  413. Madelyn Peterson, Palmer High School
  414. Haley Meekin
  415. Chloe Clarkson, Langley Fine Arts School
  416. Chelsea Armstrong, AL USA
  417. Andrea Kopanja, BU
  418. Jordan Hattar, CA USA
  419. Kenn Snipes
  420. Raquel Maria, E. Stroudsburg
  421. John-Paul Papuzynski
  422. Dixie Purdy Warren, TN USA
  423. Nell Cook, GA USA
  424. Lucie Sample, CA USA
  425. Anna Rae Sikonski, MO USA
  426. Stephanie Elaine, UCM
  427. Ashley Lomers McDavid, AL USA
  428. Highinthought Cisneros, FGCU
  429. Sally Stepath, OR USA
  430. Sara Ewen, ID USA
  431. Caroline Anderson-Staub
  432. Becca Guertin, Marysville Pilchuck High School
  433. Amanda Flaker, OR USA
  434. Wynter Fenn, ASU
  435. Nathan Silas-Yoneo Spotts, CA USA
  436. Thomas MacBurney IV
  437. Alejandra Marcela Fajardo
  438. Christina Powell Bodine, OR USA
  439. Katherine Miller, TX USA
  440. Heather McKaig, OR USA
  441. Jonathan Lagace, FGCU
  442. Kia F Lighty, PA USA
  443. Alejandro Oquendo, FGCU
  444. Kristen Lee Miller Love
  445. Michael D Letson, AL USA
  446. Justin Waxman, UGA
  447. Sarah Jo Tomlin, OR USA
  448. Farai Mhende, Zimbabwe
  449. Geneva Hagen
  450. Rob McQueen, Redding, CA
  451. Claire O’Neil, Edina Senior High School
  452. Roxy Ameri, AZ USA
  453. Callum Gunn, Gulf Island Senior Secondary
  454. Don Demorest, CA USA
  455. Mack Williams, ASU
  456. Thomas Lawson, Sacramento New Tech High
  457. Brandon Copeland, OH USA
  458. Cynthia Gentry, GA USA
  459. Michelle Hancock, Australia
  460. Lauren Washburn, OK USA
  461. Caitlin Kawaguchi , CA USA
  462. Stephanie Pavluk
  463. Loren Mach, CA USA
  464. David Shaw Bass, CA USA
  465. Tena Janiak, IL USA
  466. Julia Susan, NJ USA
  467. Cecilia Young, IL USA
  468. Michelle Line, Redding, CA
  469. Virginia Carpenter, Anderson, CA
  470. Marcela Ochoa, Anderson, CA
  471. Brian Harper, South Africa
  472. Wendy Reeder, FL USA
  473. Vivian Pinotti, TX USA
  474. Brent Joseph Walker
  475. Lisa Goldner, TX USA
  476. Caroline Rodolf, OK USA
  477. Patricia H. Allen, IL USA
  478. Jenny Reichert, NV USA
  479. Jen Prange, USA
  480. Megan Kyle, NC USA
  481. Kitra Cox, IL USA
  482. Sam Batich, OK USA
  483. Christine Sadowski, PA USA
  484. Evan Sharbrough, NV USA
  485. Gina Masters, CO USA